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Yes, another Draft blog. You don't like it? That stinks because I love the draft. I will be posting the top three players at each position. Also, I will put the positions grade (i.e. "Quarterbacks Grade: #.#") and the number range will be 1-10 with decimals. I will try to add one position per day, I will FanMail The FanNation Community every time I add a position. I will start with quarterbacks.


1.) Matt Stafford, Georgia
Matt Stafford is the top quarterback in this draft class and many see him going first overall to the Lions. Personally, I don't. I think he will go in the top ten, but he is not worth a top ten draft pick. Scouts drool when they see his arm strength, but there are some pretty big holes in his game. His mechanics are lacking and moves slowly in the pocket. However, he has the size you want as a quarterback and Georgia runs the pro-style offense similar to that of many NFL teams. He was well coached and is an experienced player. But Stafford was never a statistical monster. His junior season was above average in comparison to his other seasons stats-wise. 
Top 3 Likely Destinations: Detroit Lions, Kansas City Chiefs, San Francisco 49ers

2.) Mark Sanchez, USC
Sanchez is not very experienced and Pete Carroll spoke out against his decision publicly. I am not a big fan of Sanchez, but I have seen some people who are. I have read a couple mock draft that even have him going to the Lions. Many have him going to the Chiefs. He is known as an extremely hard worker and has been praised for his coach-ability. He has good athleticism and a pretty good arm as well. His mechanics were impressive and his footwork was very good. Other than lack of experience, Sanchez has a few more cons. He was surrounded by talent at USC. He held onto the ball too long, but the great o-line helped hide that. 
Top 3 Likely Destinations: Kansas City Chiefs, San Francisco 49ers, New York Jets

3.) Josh Freeman, Kansas 
Outside of Stafford and Sanchez, there is almost no talk of another quarterback. Freeman is the next best, but he probably won't be taken in the first round. Freeman is rated highly thanks to the weakness of this draft class. He only threw 10 more touchdowns than interceptions in his carerr, but his TD to INT ratio improved every season. Great height and a great arm certainly help his stock. His accuracy is not great and that is why he reminds me of a less talented JaMarcus Russell. He is not as mobile and has a weaker arm, but neither of them have the greatest accuracy. Another similarity: upside. 
Top 3 Likely Destinations: Tampa Bay Buccaneers, New York Jets, Minnesota Vikings

Quarterbacks Grade: 7.1 

Running Backs

1.) Knowshon Moreno, Georgia
The running back class this season isn't great, but I found it hard to decide the order of the top three. It is easy to decide who will be in the top three, but who will go where was very difficult. I went with Knowshon Moreno, as you can tell, for number one. The redshirt sophomore is an absolute beast. In only his second year, against impressive SEC defenses, he ran for 1,400 yards and 14 touchdowns. His athleticism is phenomenal and his vision is great. In games I watched with him, he displayed a good ability to catch the ball out of the backfield. He is a young talent who played good defenses and still put up good numbers.
Top 3 Likely Destinations: San Diego Chargers, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Arizona Cardinals

2.) Chris "Beanie" Wells, Ohio State
He is regarded by many as the #1 back in the class. I have my reasons for relegating him to #2, but there are plenty of reasons to move him up. He was a workhorse in college and had a great career with lots of carries at OSU. He is a big power back, but he can break off big runs like he did against LSU in the National Championship. He gets good yardage after the first hit. His production every year was impressive. However, there is one looming question for Beanie Wells, injuries. He has a history of injuries and a foot injury in a running back is very bad. 
Top 3 Likely Destinations: San Diego Chargers, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Arizona Cardinals

3.) LeSean McCoy, Pitt
McCoy at #3, to me, was the easiest choice. He does have a great combination of speed and power, and he can catch the ball as well, but there are some questions. First, let's look at the upside. In just two years in college football, McCoy put together very good numbers. He follows blockers well and makes tacklers miss with excellent moves. He prefers to bump outside and doesn't have a ton of experience running between the tackles, which is a big question mark. He fumbles too much and needs to improve his strength. He saw plenty of eight man fronts and still ran the ball successfully.
Top 3 Likley Destinations: Arizona Cardinals, Cleveland Browns, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Running Backs Grade: 8.3

Wide Receivers

1.) Michael Crabtree, Texas Tech
Crabtree is the undisputed #1 wide receiver in this class, in my opinion. I don't think he is a product of Texas Tech's pass-happy offense. His combination of size and athleticism is incredible. In just two years Crabtree acquired over 3,000 yards and 41 touchdowns. The two-time Biletnikoff winner has wonderful hands that allow him to catch errant throws. He makes spectacular catch after spectacular catch and when he makes a routine catch, he will break a tackle and gain yards after the catch every time. His route-running isn't polished as Texas Tech's offense doesn't use all the routes he will need to know in the NFL.
Top 3 Likely Destinations: Seattle Seahawks, Oakland Raiders, Saint Louis Rams

2.) Jeremy Maclin, Missouri
You want a speed burner (Al Davis)? Well, Maclin is a pure speed burner. He can break short throws into big gains and he can get wide open on deep routes. He was extremely versatile with Missouri and they used him in all assets of the offense. He was catching, running the ball and returning kicks effectively. Missouri, like Texas Tech, doesn't use all of the routes NFL teams do, but after a little bit of coaching Maclin should be all set. His hands aren't of Crabtree's caliber, but he does have good hands still. He is only 199 pounds and he will struggle against the jam. He also has a history of injuries.
Top 3 Likely Destinations: Oakland Raiders, Chicago Bears, Jacksonville Jaguars

3.) Hakeem Nicks, North Carolina
As you can tell from my name, I'm a big fan of Hakeem. He, unlike others in this draft class, is a big, possession receiver. Most would put Percy Harvin here, but Harvin has a pretty serious history of injuries. Nicks, as opposed to other receivers this year, is a great route runner, who has learned almost all of the routes he will need. He does a good job of adjusting to the ball in the air and he shows impressive hands. He was a red zone threat at UNC, and he will continue to be one in the NFL. He was the best receiver to ever attend UNC and he had impressive stats, including 18 yards per catch. However, his athleticism isn't that great.
Top 3 Likely Destinations: New York Giants, Baltimore Ravens, Chicago Bears

Wide Receiver Grade: 8.7

Tight Ends

1.) Brandon Pettigrew, Oklahoma State
Pettigrew is the undisputed #1 tight end in this draft class. He was a force for the Cowboys' offense during his career. Some mock drafts have him going as soon as #11 to the Bills. I think he will definitely go in the first round, possibly to the Eagles at either #21 or #28. He has great size; 6'6" and 260 pounds. He also has the athleticism needed for a tight end. Pettigrew has great hands and he can go across the middle very well. He does damage after the catch and he is capable of trucking through defenders. He is a very good blocker as well, in both the running and passing game. He isn't a great route runner and also ran into trouble with the police.
Top 3 Likely Destinations: Philadelphia Eagles, Buffalo Bills, Atlanta Falcons

2.) Chase Coffman, Missouri
Coffman is an awesome receiving tight end. His athleticism is impressive and his size is as well. He causes a mismatch with almost anyone who matches up against him. Most linebackers and most safeties either won't have sufficient athleticism or sufficient size to cover him effectively. His pass blocking is somewhat untested, but when he went up against pure speed rushers, he handled them effectively. However, he was pretty much consistently in motion and rarely blocked. He almost never blocked in the running game, that is his biggest hole. He also has some questions as far as injuries go, but he should be a good second or third rounder.
Top 3 Likely Destinations: Buffalo Bills, Philadelphia Eagles, Atlanta Falcons

3.) Shawn Nelson, Southern Miss
There is a significant drop off after Coffman, in my opinion. Glenn Dorsey's cousin has good size, similar to Pettigrew's, and even better athleticism. His 40 yard dash time is reportedly 4.65. He has all the experience he needs, playing four seasons at Southern Mississippi. He was extremely productive, getting over 2,000 yards in four seasons. He has excellent hands, the ability to stretch the field (especially vertically) and can adjust to the ball. However, he, like the other tight ends in this class, is not a great blocker. He is more of a wide receiver, just with a tight end's size. He is a third or fourth rounder.
Top 3 Likely Destinations: Atlanta Falcons, Buffalo Bills, New York Giants

Tight Ends Grade: 7.7

Offensive Tackles

1.) Eugene Monroe, Virginia
This year's offensive tackle class is amazing, the best that I can remember. That makes it all the more difficult to choose #1, but I firmly believe it is Monroe. Monroe has great athleticism, he is capable of becoming a top left tackle in the league. Monroe is much better at handling speed than Andre Smith. He is quick and has great agility with perfect footwork. He picks up the blitz well and he is a smart player. He does show power in the running game, but he isn't as good as Andre Smith in that perspective. He is mobile and can get out to the second level. He has a bit of a history with injuries, but he should be fine.
Top 3 Likely Destinations: Detroit Lions, Saint Louis Rams, Washington Redskins

2.) Andre Smith, Alabama
Many view Smith as the best offensive tackle in the class and the number one pick overall. He will almost certainly go in the top two of the draft. He is an amazing run blocker. He had injury problems early in his career, but he has overcome those and has proven to be a tough player. Smith is extremely strong and mobile, especially in the running game. His biggest question mark? He is not very quick. His quickness is a huge problem and it may force him to right tackle because he can not keep up with speed rushers around the edge. He has also had trouble keeping his weight down.
Top 3 Likely Destinations: Saint Louis Rams, Detroit Lions, Washington Redskins

3.) Jason Smith, Baylor
Smith is extremely athletic, more so than Eugene Monroe. He is very light on his feet, nimble and quick enough to be a perfect pass protector in the NFL. He has great range and mobility and he will use his long arms to do even better in the passing game. He has a great work ethic. He is very intelligent as well. Also, he has plenty of upside. However, he is basically the opposite of Andre Smith. He is not great in the running game. He doesn't get good push and he can get pushed backwards often. He did have a few injuries in his career and he did not play in a pro-style offense at Baylor.
Top 3 Likely Destinations: Washington Redskins, Oakland Raiders, Cincinnati Bengals

Offensive Tackles Grade: 9.6


1.) Duke Robinson, Oklahoma
Duke Robinson is the clear-cut number one guard in this class and is probably the only player worth a (late) first round draft pick. Robinson was a mainstay on Oklahoma's dominant offensive line last season. He has great size and long arms. He has a lot of strength and is extremely powerful. His size, strength, power and physicality all factor into his great run blocking. He is a tough lineman who will certainly get the job done in the running game, but may struggle against quicker, pass-rushing defensive tackles. He is somewhat quick, but he will definitely have trouble with more athletic defensive tackles.
Top 3 Likely Destinations: Pittsburgh Steelers, Tennessee Titans, Detroit Lions

2.) Herman Johnson, LSU
Herman Johnson is massive. He is 6'7" and 382 pounds, holy crap. His size reflects his huge amount of strength and ability for pancake blocks. He easily knocks over defenders in the running game and not many of those defenders are going to be bigger than him. He is surprisingly well conditioned and displays that conditioning throughout the entire game, including the fourth quarter. He has tons of upside and ton of experience. It's possible that he could move to right tackle, but unlikely. His footwork needs work.
Top 3 Likely Destinations: Minnesota Vikings, Dallas Cowboys, Pittsburgh Steelers

3.) Trevor Canfield, Cincinnati
Canfield has talent that is not being praised because of some trouble off of the field a year ago. He was charged with assault last February, but the chargers were dropped. He has had no other problems with the law. The biggest plus in his game is his durability, at Cincinnati, Canfield started 39 consecutive games at either right or left guard. He isn't as big as other guards at 308 pounds, but he has the ability to gain some more weight and not lose any talent. He gets good push in the run game and has decent mobility. He is a nasty, tough and powerful blocker, but he is also a smart player.
Top 3 Likely Destinations: Washington Redskins, Indianapolis Colts, Dallas Cowboys

Guards Grade: 8.5 


1.) Alex Mack, California
The best thing about Alex Mack? He is smart. Not smart like some of the other players available. Smart in the classroom. He won the 'Academic Heisman', which is officially called the Draddy Trophy. Other than his intelligence, Mack has great size for an interior lineman and he is a physical blocker as well. He is very strong and he should put up great numbers in the bench press. He has plenty of experience, having started since his sophomore year and he has worked hard to maintain that level of play. However, he can be overwhelmed by defenders and his arms are somewhat short. The earliest I see him going -- Titans in the first round.
Top 3 Likely Destinations: Tennessee Titans, Pittsburgh Steelers, Minnesota Vikings

2.) Max Unger, Oregon
Unger is a very, very versatile offensive lineman. He is probably the most versatile lineman available in this year's draft. He is a jack of all trades, to say the least. He has good size and build. Very smart and mobile, but he is not athletic enough to play left tackle. He struggles with speed off of the edge, which is why he is better suited as a guard or center. He has good balance. His impressive awareness allows him to pick up the blitz and he knows how to gain good positioning. His push in the running game is okay. While he is good at everything, he may not be superb at one specific thing.
Top 3 Likely Destinations: Pittsburgh Steelers, Houston Texans, Buffalo Bills

3.) Eric Wood, Louisville
Eric Wood is another good center with good size. In this surprisingly impressive draft center-wise, there are three or four centers that are good enough to be taken in the first two rounds. Wood, obviously, is definitely worth a second rounder. He has great strength, physicality and toughness. Wood is quick and agile. He is mobile enough to get to the second level. He isn't great in the running game or the passing game, but isn't bad either. He is a hard worker who will try to improve as much as possible. His football IQ is impressive, as is his intensity. He is a mid-second rounder to third rounder.
Top 3 Likely Destinations: Kansas City Chiefs, Pittsburgh Steelers, New England Patriots

Centers Grade: 8.7 

Defensive Ends

1.) Brian Orakpo, Texas
In this draft, it is clear who the top two defensive ends are. Which is number one and which is number two, on the other hand, is as clear as mud. I give Orakpo the edge here. Orakpo is a pure pass-rusher with great athleticism. He uses a wonderful combination of speed, quickness and acceleration to reach the quarterback. He isn't just a pass-rusher, though (Michael Johnson), he does a pretty good job against the run. He is a versatile player and he is a very hard worker. He is a consistently improving player and has only gotten better at Texas. Durability is a fairly big concern and he doesn't have a variety of moves to get to the passer.
Top 3 Likely Destinations: Kansas City Chiefs, Buffalo Bills, Cleveland Browns

2.) Everette Brown, Florida State
Brown is regarded by some as better than Orakpo and there are a few ways to argue his case. He, like Orakpo, is a great pass-rusher with phenomenal athleticism. He stays low and that helps him get around tackles. He is good against the run as well. He has been compared to Dwight Freeney, just a bit slower. So why do I put Orakpo ahead of him? I need him to prove that he isn't the same as other Florida State stars, Kamerion Wimbley and Lawrence Timmons. They both are 'tweeners who have struggled thus far in the NFL. He should be better than them, but he must get stronger to be a pure defensive end.
Top 3 Likely Destinations: Buffalo Bills, Washington Redskins, Kansas City Chiefs

3.) Tyson Jackson, LSU
Here is where it got tough. It was down to Jackson, Aaron Maybin, Michael Johnson and Larry English. English may be an outside linebacker in the NFL, according to SI writer, Bucky Brooks. If you have read my blogs you would know that I really don't like Michael Johnson. He is too one-dimensional and was only a situational player until his senior season. Maybin is also a situational player, but he is younger and has more upside. Now to Jackson -- He is the biggest defensive end and he is the best suited for a 3-4 defense. That limits some of the teams he will go to and drops him to the middle of the first round to late first round.
Top 3 Likely Destinations: New York Jets, Denver Broncos, New England Patriots

Defensive Ends Grade: 8.4

Defensive Tackles

1.) B.J. Raji, Boston College
Raji is definitely the top defensive tackle in this class, everyone agrees on that. Some are putting Raji in the top ten, going number nine to the Packers. It is also likely that he could go the Denver Broncos or the Washington Redskins. Raji is a big, strong defensive tackle. He is a flat-out bull rusher, but he isn't great at pressuring the quarterback. Even though he isn't great against the pass, he is an absolute beast in the running game. He is a perfect fit for a 3-4 nose tackle, which is good for him since many NFL teams are currently making the transition the that defense (Packers, Broncos). His lack of experience is the biggest question mark.
Top 3 Likely Destinations: Denver Broncos, Green Bay Packers, Washington Redskins

2.) Peria Jerry, Ole Miss
Peria Jerry is pretty small for a defensive tackle at 6'2", 290 pounds, but his athleticism is remarkable. He is very explosive and gets a great jump off of the snap. His quickness and speed allows him to get into the backfield and cause chaos. Last season, Jerry had 18 TFL and 7 sacks against some very good teams in the SEC. He is the best pass-rushing defensive tackle in this draft class, but he is not good against the run. He will have trouble against the bigger guards and centers in the NFL. He is already 25 years old, which is pretty old for a rookie. He had injuries in his freshman and sophomore seasons, which could be a big concern.
Top 3 Likely Destinations: Indianapolis Colts, Atlanta Falcons, Washington Redskins

3.) Sen'Derrick Marks, Auburn
Sen'Derrick MArks is very similar to Peria Jerry. Marks, like Jerry, is a smaller defenesive tackle who is just one inch shorter and 4 pounds heavier. Also like Peria Jerry, he is extremely athletic. He is a pretty good pass rusher who has plenty of moves in his repertoire. His similarities to Jerry are remarkable. They both are good pass rushers and both struggle against the run. Bigger offensive lineman will dominate them both in the NFL. He played defensive end in his first two years at Auburn, then moved inside. He is a good fit for teams that run the Tampa 2, like the Atlanta Falcons. He is a second rounder.
Top 3 Likely Destinations: Atlanta Falcons, Indianapolis Colts, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Outside Linebackers

1.) Aaron Curry, Wake Forest
Aaron Curry is clearly the number one linebacker prospect in this class and it is very possible that he is the best prospect on the entire defensive side of the ball. He is widely accepted as the safest pick, but that's not always a correct assumption. He has great size and great athleticism. His combination of speed, quickness and acceleration make him capable of making tackles all over the field. He isn't great at rushing the passer, but can do it. He was a statistical monster in four seasons, racking up over 100 tackles this past season. Very durable, strong and an extremely good tackler.
Top 3 Likely Destinations: Cleveland Browns, Kansas City Chiefs, Saint Louis Rams

2.) Brian Cushing, USC
Cushing is one of three great linebackers who will be taken on the first day of the draft; Rey Maualuga, Cushing and Clay Matthews. Cushing, like Matthews, is extremely versatile. He can play both inside or outside as well as either in a 3-4 or a 4-3. He has good size and athleticism, certainly not on the same level as Aaron Curry. He is an intelligent player who works hard. He is a decent pass rusher, who is good at shedding blocks when he needs to. His range is good, which was displayed pretty often in the Senior Bowl. He often covered the running back out of the backfield and did a pretty decent job.
Top 3 Likely Destinations: New England Patriots, Atlanta Falcons, Detroit Lions

3.) Clint Sintim, Virginia
Sintim has great size as well as good athleticism. His size is very similar to Cushing's at 6'3" and 250 pounds. He isn't as reliable of a tackler as Cushing is, but he is a great pass rusher. He had a total of 27 sacks in four years, as well as 245 tackles. He has a good variety of pass-rushing moves and can shed blocks somewhat easily. He has a lot of experience and he was the leader of Virginia's defense. He has some trouble with range, as he made very few plays near the sidelines. He isn't great in coverage. He was a four year starter at Virginia and was extremely productive during that time.
Top 3 Likely Destinations: Atlanta Falcons, New England Patriots, Detroit Lions

Outside Linebackers Grade: 8.9 

Inside Linebackers

1.) Rey Maualuga, USC
Maualuga has fallen from his reign over the linebackers in the draft, having been surpassed by Aaron Curry. Maualuga had a few impact plays and big hits during the Senior Bowl, but ran into trouble at the Combine. Apparently his hammy had bothered him recently and he tweaked it while running the 40 yard dash. During the season, however, Maualuga was very impressive. He is a huge hitter and is a huge force against the run. He is a little inconsistent and he will often miss tackles going for the big hit. However, his size, run-stopping ability and instincts boost him up the top inside linebacker and a top ten pick.
Top 3 Likely Destinations: Jacksonville Jaguars, Cleveland Browns, Denver Broncos

2.) James Laurinaitis, Ohio State
Laurinaitis' draft status has declined a hefty amount since last season when he was a potential top ten pick. Last season he had a chance of going to the Patriots in the top ten, now he has a chance of going to the Patriots again ... just at #23. His inability to make plays at big moments, the fact that his best games were in unimportant games and his mediocre timed speed has really made his stock fall. But let's look at what made him a potential top pick last season: He was a statistical monster, raking in over 100 sacks in three straight seasons. He is smart, has a good football IQ, great instincts and is very mature.
Top 3 Likely Destinations: New Orleans Saints, New England Patriots, Detroit Lions

3.) Darry Beckwith, LSU
There is a fairly large drop-off in inside linebackers after Maualuga and Laurinaitis. There are three linebackers who could be the third best, in my opinion -- Darry Beckwith, Dannell Ellerbe, and Jason Phillips. I went with Beckwith for a few reasons. He faced top notch offenses, like Florida, at LSU. He is a good tackler with great range and athleticism. He is a smart player and a hard worker. That's always a great combination. His size is okay, but his athleticism is the real high point of his game. He wasn't a huge hitter, though. He also has durability issues and had a disappointing senior year. He is a second or third rounder and may switch outside.
Top 3 Likely Destinations: Baltimore Ravens, New York Giants, New England Patriots

Inside Linebackers Grade: 8.8


1.) Malcolm Jenkins, Ohio State
Jenkins may have fallen to the number two corner, behind Vontae Davis. There has been speculation that he may not be able to be an NFL corner because he is too slow, however he adamantly says he has been and will be a cornerback in the NFL. He may be a little slow for an NFL corner, but he should still be a good player. Against top-notch competition at Ohio State University, Jenkins succeeded in big games. He has proven himself to be a playmaker and his aggresive style has benefited his play well. He can tackle and cover well, he just needs to get a little faster and get a little coaching and he should be all set.
Top 3 Likely Destinations: Green Bay Packers, Houston Texans, Cleveland Browns

2.) Vontae Davis, Illinois
Vontae Davis may have become the best corner available in this draft for many reasons. Obviously, most of it is due to Jenkins' lack of speed, but Davis has an extraordinary skill set of his own. The brother of tight end Vernon Davis, Vontae shows the same great versatility. He is very fast and he is extremely strong. Like Malcolm Jenkins, Vontae Davis is an aggresive corner who will jump on bad throws and use his impressive hands to snag the ball. He can catch the ball well and also return it pretty far, too. His biggest downside is that he needs discipline, but with some good coaching he could prove to be a Pro-Bowler.
Top 3 Likely Destinations: Houston Texans, New Orleans Saints, Green Bay Packers

3.) Alphonso Smith, Wake Forest
Right here, it is down to three players for me. There is D.J. Moore of Vanderbilt, Alphonso Smith and Darius Butler of UConn. I went with Alphonso Smith for a number of reasons. When I watched the Senior Bowl, I was very impressed by Smith. He made great plays on the ball and was extremely aggressive. He jumped out in front of receivers, nearly getting one interception that would have been an easy touchdown and a few passes defended. He has great speed and I was surprised by how he suddenly burst towards the ball. He is pretty short, but he is a great producer and competitor.
Top 3 Likely Destinations: Baltimore Ravens, Minnesota Vikings, New England Patriots

Cornerbacks Grade: 8.6 


1.) Louis Delmas, Western Michigan
It felt weird typing "Western Michigan" on here. Anyway, Delmas is a very tough and physical safety. He is a strong safety who would do very well against the run. Stopping the run is the best aspect of his game, but he's no Roy Williams; he can cover too. However, Delmas does know how to lay guys out similarly to Roy. His hands aren't spectacular, but he did manage to get twelve interceptions in his four years. He is very experienced, having started every year at Western Michigan and he was the leader of their defense. Unfortunately, receivers managed to get by him too often in the open field and he didn't face many good teams.
Top 3 Likely Destinations: Atlanta Falcons, New England Patriots, Miami Dolphins

2.) William Moore, Missouri
Moore used to be regarded as possibly the best safety in this draft class, but a year plagued with injuries has put some doubts in peoples' minds. Despite his durability concerns, he is still rated relatively high thanks to his great size for a safety. He uses that size to his advantage, laying down even bigger hits than Delmas. His athleticism is impressive, too. He is explosive and he has great range. It's a toss-up whether he has good ball skills and good hands; he had three seasons with one interception, but had 8 his junior year. He won't be mistaken for a guy who will excel in coverage, but he is capable of picking it off.
Top 3 Likely Destinations: Miami Dolphins, Houston Texans, New England Patriots

3.) Patrick Chung, Oregon
Chung was very difficult not to put ahead of Moore, but there were a few things that put him behind Moore. Chung is shorter, lighter and slower than Moore. He did not get as many interceptions and could be a little too aggressive. However, Chung was extremely productive, getting over 80 tackles in every season he played. He can be a big hitter if he wants to, but he is a much more reliable tackler than most of the other strong safety prospects. He is a run-stopping extraordinaire, but he will not be great in pass coverage. He is durable, competitive, played against top teams and that was his defense at Oregon.
Top 3 Likely Destinations: New England Patriots, Miami Dolphins, Atlanta Falcons 

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Wide Receivers
Tight Ends
Offensive Tackles

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Defensive Tackles
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