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Joe Dew

Feb 17th 2009 - Week 16

 Well the All Star break is over and we have about 32 games left in the season, for most teams. Lets get things started off right!

Last weeks ranking

High Riser this week- 9-(15) Utah

Pitiful Faller this week- 22- (17) Charlotte

1-(3) L.A. Lakers- Beating the Celtics twice this season is pretty convincing. They beat the Cavs at home and won 7 straight before falling to the Jazz.

2-(1) Boston - 44 wins and still going strong, this team is convincing me of being the strongest in the East.

3-(2) Cleveland- Lebron would say otherwise though...

4- (4) Orlando- Well the trade for replacing Jameer might help the team stay in the elite status of the east. Tyron Lue???

5-(5) San Antonio- The top 5 is pretty steady.

6- (6) Denver- Carmelo, Billups, JR, Nene, they are playing well, they should be able to hold onto the Northwest title.

7- (9) Dallas- I decided to shake things up a little bit but this could change quickly with the injury to Jason Terry.

8- (8) New Orleans- David West is back and this team will do well with the return of Chris Paul.

9-(15) Utah- AK47 is set to return for tonight and then Carlos Boozer is set to return later this week. D Will has had 5 straight 30+ scoring efforts. The Jazz also beat the best team in the Lakers before the break.

10-(10) Houston- Lots of trade rumors swirling around the Rockets this week. Everyone is in the mix. By the way TMAC was told by doctors that his knee is fine. Interesting.

11- (7) Portland- For the past 2 seasons the Blazers fell after the All Star break so i expect that to happen again. Farvefan should like this position.

12- (11) Atlanta- Not seeing much change down in the ATL. But this team should be a lock for the playoffs once again this season but it wont come down to the wire.

13- (12) Phoenix- Well we should see a faster offensive machine in PHX now that Terry Porter is gone.

14- (13) Miami- Well they traded Marion to Toronto for Jermaine O'Neal and i dont know who got the better end of the deal.

15-(14) Detroit- So when are the Pistons going to wake up. This team is on the decline, there i said it finally.

16- (16) Philadelphia- Brand is gone for the season and it seems like they win more games without him anyways.

17- (23) New Jersey- I heard that Carter is going to get traded to the Rockets for Ron Artest. Stay tuned on that.

18- (18) New York- Nate Robinson is kryptonite.

19- (21) Milwaukee - Sessions is becoming a beast. Charlie V is stepping it up and Richard Jefferson is starting to look like the man he was in Jersey.

20- (19) Indiana- Danny Granger is a freaking stud. This team is going to have to push for the playoffs however.

21- (22) Chicago- Lots of trade rumors circling the windy city. Still expected the Bulls to deal Kirk Heinrich for a SF or something.

22- (17) Charlotte- Didnt see that Adam Morrison trade going down with the Lakers for Radmonvic did you. MJ deals again with former coach Phil Jackson. Last time it was Kwame Brown.

23- (20) Minnesota- Al Jefferson gets injured and now all hope is lost this season for the playoffs, or winning games.

24- (24) Golden State- Well they beat the Suns and Jazz before the break.

25- (25) Toronto- Can Shawn Marion help salvage the season?

26- (26) Memphis- Are the fans mad that the Grizzlies stopped the deal that would have brought in ALL STAR Amare Stoudemire.

27- (27) Oklahoma City- Why should i even include the bottom 5 teams?

28- (28) Sacramento- Brad Miller injured, this season sucks for Sac Town. Webber did retire a jersey and it probably sold more tickets than Kevin Martin returning from injury.

29- (29) L.A. Clippers- Kaman is back from injury but it might not matter at this point, wait i said that last week but he hasnt played yet!

30- (30) Washington- Sad, very sad.

speaking of amare!



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