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Clearly the top three rookie RBs of the 2008 NFL season where;

Matt Forte, Chris Johnson and Steve Slaton.

Now provides the question of which player had the best individual season? Each RB put up more than solid numbers as first year players in the NFL.

The Stats went like this

Forte: 316 carries, 1,238 rushing yards, 3.9 yards per carry, and 12 total TDs.

Johnson: 251 carries, 1,228 rushing yards, 4.9 yards per carry, and 10 total TDs.

Slaton: 268 carries, 1,282 rushing yards, 4.8 yards per carry, and 10 total TDs.

Forte leads in rushing attempts and total TDs, Johnson leads in yards per carry and tied Steve Slaton in total TDs, and finally Chris Johnson lead in rushing yards, and tied Slaton in total TDs.

Now that being all said i think that Matt Forte had the most succsesfull rookie season. He led in TDs and what sets him over the top is his ability to be a reciever out of the backfield. He completley dominted Slaton and Johnson in reciving stats. He led in receptions with 63, reception yards and reciving catches 4.

Forte also played on the Chicago Bears porbaley the worst team out of the Titans (Johnson) and Texans (Slaton), The Bears were innept when it comes to offensive production, Forte was literally there only consistent offense weapon. While Hester is a weapon he is by no means consistent as Forte was. Forte week in and week out provided offensive production whether it be through the air or on the ground. The Bears relied on Forte every week to produce and if he didn't... well it didnt look good on th scoreboard for the Bears when the game was over. Teams were able to stack up against Forte because the Bears had not passing game. Therefore teams could stack the box and gameplan the heck outta Forte. Yet he still produced.

While the Titans had LenDale white to take a lot of pressure off Johnson and which forced oppents to worry just as much about White as Johnson which was key in Johnson's sucsess, somthing Forte definetly did not have. The Titans also had muliple offensive weapons that made life much much eaiser on Steve Slaton, The Texans had pro bowl wide reciever in Andre Johnson, solid WR in Kevin Walter and good Tight End in Owen Daniels. The Texans had a great passing game which was key to Slaton's first year sucsess. Not only did teams have to gameplan for Slaton but Andre Johnson, Walter and Daniels, such a great passing game made it impossible for teams to stack the box against the Texans which played a big role in Slatons rushing totals.

Now don't get me wrong here Johnson and Slaton were EXCELLENT in there NFL debut season, but Forte had the best out of the three. Followed by Johnson and in a very close third Slaton.


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