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UFC 95 Preview!

Welcome to the Informative Sports UFC 95 Preview, I am your party Host- David  Snipes and with me is Robert "X" Menn 

Mike Ciesnolevicz vs. Neil Grove

Robert: 6'7" 280lb Neil Grove, aka Goliath, is 7-1. All wins coming from some sort of KO. This beast has power. He makes his UFC debut against another UFC rookie. Ciesnolevicz has shown more dimension to his fighting game. But he gives up 7 inches in height and a small child in weight. I just don't see how "David" will takedown this Goliath. Grove wins, and UFC gets another new Heavyweight prospect.

David: Let me defend Mikey here ok? He;s no scrub- I saw the fight with Alex Schoenauer, and he was a little impressive and . . . .ok- I got nothing- Mike can take a punch though, but I think he;s in for a quick payday.


Robert: Grove, Round 1, TKO
David: Grove , KTFO R2  

-Terry Etim vs. Brian Cobb

Robert: Cobb had to relinquish his PFC title belt just to sign with the UFC. He's coming off of 9 straight wins, all pretty convincing. Etim, 2-2 in the UFC, is inconsistent. In that middle realm of should he be in the UFC, should he not. If he wants to stay, he better use his submission skills to get the job done Saturday night. Out of his 4 losses, Cobb has lost 3 due to submission. But like I said, he's won 9 straight. Seems to me like he's rectified that situation.

David: David: I have to think this is Etim's last fight in the UFC if he loses- guy is tough- but it seems like every time he is mentioned its "X" holds a win over Etim. . . . He might be in a win or go home, especially with Rich Cleminti being fired, I don't think any UFC fighter on the pre-lim should get a second mortgage. Cobb is coming in with a lot of "minor league" Press- I don't know how high the quality is at the KFC, but Terry Etim is a pretty good target to start with. If he Submits Etim- Dana may need to look for some heavyweights at the KFC.

Robert Cobb, Round 3, Decision 
David: Corn on the Cobb, Submission Round 1- and we see this on the telecast.  

Per Eklund vs. Evan Duhnam

Robert: Evan Duhnam, undefeated prospect, making his UFC debut against a hometown favorite. Both these guys favor the submission game. Should be interesting if one tries to see if his stand up game is better than the others. I pick the rookie to use this opportunity to try and make a name for himself and do just that. Look for these guys' submission skills to nullify each others and for Evan to gain the upset victory via TKO.

David: Here is a fight that is going to be stand, clinch, trip, roll, pray, stand, clinch, trip- repeat. Per only has one win inside round 1 since 2004 and Evan's last 3 fights have gone 3,2,3 rounds- Evan fought 5 times in 2007, only once in 2008- but moved up a "class"  and already is 1-0 so far in 2009, I wonder if he can roll through Per and make it back for UFC 100?


Robert: Duhnam, Round 2, TKO 
David: Evan - Submission(what else) Round 3 - crowd boo 


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