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You know Ronaldo. You know Henry. You know Ballack, Ronaldinho, Raul, Ibrahimovic, Nedved, Zidane and Cannavaro. But how well do you know Ryan Giggs? I mean REALLY know him, not just know he plays for Manchester United. I mean know that he is only one of three players in the English football hall of fame still playing, that he is the only player to have scored in every season of the EPL, that he is the only player to score in 13 different Champion League campaigns? No? Ryan Giggs is the most underrated player in any sport. Perhaps it was because he decided to play for his country of birth, Wales, instead of solving England's perennial left-winger problem. Maybe it was because he played with the charismatic David Beckham, the volatile Eric Cantona, the imperious Roy Keane, or the flashy Cristiano Ronaldo. Whatever it is, Giggs has proven himself to be the greatest pro of the modern era. 10 Premiership titles, 4 FA cups, 2 League Cups and 2 Champions League titles speak for themselves, as does this goal against Arsenal which set United on the road to the Treble of 1999. Others speak of his greatness too, George Best the great United winger once said "One day they might even say that I was another Ryan Giggs". When Wales played Brazil, their coach Dunga stated that he would not look out of place playing in yellow. Paul Ince said he got 'twisted blood' trying the mark Giggs when he was a hip-swerving, quicksilver youngster. Steve Bruce, a former teammate who know manages Wigan said "When Ryan ran, he ran like the wind. You couldn't hear him he was that light on his feet. He had that natural body swerve, that way with a ball only the great players have got". What's great about No. 11 is that he isn't just a winger. When hamstring injuries robbed him of much of his blistering pace, he transformed into a second striker, his technical skill and precision passing destroying teams. He played in the center of midfield, his experience and improved tackling paying dividends. But, for me the most special thing about Giggs is that I'm saying this as a Burnley fan. My friend is a Liverpool fan and HE thinks Giggs is the greatest player he has ever seen. Most players don't have this total respect. And its because he is such a great guy. You never see him falling out of nightclubs at 3AM like Ronaldo, he's an ambassador for UNICEF. It speaks for itself. 789 games for United, 147 goals, PFA team of the century, only 3rd Briton to win more than 1 Champions League trophy, mentioned in the Simpsons! If that doesn't convince you, maybe this will: (Sorry about the music)


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