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Will it has been interesting so far this offseason. here is what i have been most interested in and thats the fred taylor and brian dawkins moves. i mean fred taylor in boston it just doesnt fit and seems weird. can you imagine that the patriots already have like 5 running backs why not add more. they are like the bucks and qb's. speaking though of new england i am somewhat interested if not a little skeptical of the matt cassel and mike vrabel to the chiefs for the 34th pick. can you say bargain what are the pats doing. speaking of the chiefs though look for this to be the only main move in the offseason. now to get to the other free agent signings. i will be doing this by positions though so get ready. we will start with the qb's. i am sorry but are the 49ers crazy. why would you go for a 28 year old nothing. if they get him it will be just like brett favre a disappointment. there really isn't any huge superstars on the market at qb. the best i can think of available besides warner is actually leftwich. he is a good backup player he can pass pretty well and he has a good arm. some other notable qb's include kerry collins who signed a 2 year deal with the titans. ryan fitzpatrick signed with the bills, i bet as a preferred 2nd to 3rd stringer.david carr the most embarrassing player ever signed with the giants 1 year 1 mil. luke McCowen resigned with the bucks for two more years. some other notable free agent qb's are kyle boller,rex grossman and jp losman. the last impressive qb is jeff garcia. Now for the runnign backs which has been very exciting so far. i love the idea of the giants getting brandon Jacob's back but they over paid for him.there has been a few boring and a little confusing parts like how about the franchise tag to darren sproles are you serious i do like the fred jackson resigning, that was smart. i think derrick ward could be a competitor. the teams that are itnerested in him are the bengals really are the only team with the lions getting maurice morris for 3 years and 7 million dollars. then there was the broncos also supposedly interested then they signed corell buckhalter nand jj arington. buckhalter i believe signed for 4 years, i am not sure on arington. other free gent running backs to sign were dede dorsey back with the bengals. anthony aldrdge was another free agent who left denver for washington. here are the top five remaing free agent runnign backs. derrick ward, cedric benson, tatum bell, warrick dunn and dominic rhodes. Now to get to one of the most important positions,wr. the best is still avalible tj houshmandzadeh. tj is still undecided with the vikings,seahawks and bengals still in the running. he isaid to announce his decision today. notable other players still undecided include nate washington who will probally head to motor city to be a lion which i find as a very smart move on his part due to the fact he will get magor money and be a starter. laveranues coles is a top player who i really think will go to miami. there are still though many other talented players available including marvin harrison,devery henderson,reggie williams,ronald curry,bobby engram, shaun mcdonald and amani toomer. the best here is coles obviously but you know what the others are good. the teams that need receivers the most are the lions,bengals,ravens,bears,bucks,seahawks,chiefs and titans in my mind. any of these gusy coujld land there. now to get to the ones who have already been signed. they include brandon jones a former titan to the 49ers for 5 years 16.5 million and 5.4 guarenteed. in my mind what a stupid move just get a quality receiver in the draft 49ers please. jabar gaffney signed with the broncos. michael clayton resigned for 5 years with the bucks nad so did justin mccerans. bryant johnson got a 3 year 9 mil deal with the lions. those are the only prominent players signed so far. i think the only other notable free agents are bart scoot[6 yr 448 mil with jets],ray lewsis.channign chowder[resighned with dolphins],jonathon vlma[resigned with saints],takeo spike with the 49ers,jermain phillips,gibril wilson[signed with dolphins], and those are the remaing interesting players


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