The Steelers have won 6 Super Bowl titles so how come they can't get any love from America!? Why have the Dallas Cowboys stole the show from the Steelers!? It has to be the .509 winning pct. in  Steeler history!? How can you get a label of such prominence with that record!? The Steelers were a bundle of laughs to Dallas' fans dispite their 4 Super Bowl titles in the 70s. No respect at the NFL shops. Steeler products cluttered dollar stores of America. Even with their success in the last 36 years, this team is only 32 games over .500. America doesn't want a mediore team as their team. The Steelers have no charisma. They are as boring as a team can get. Sorry we can't erase your first 39 years. That must be embarrassing. In the 70s, the Cowboys led the league in merchandise sold while the bald headed stepchild held up his trophies and cried. "Why aren't the Steelers your team!" Steeler fans were In tears as America took the Dallas Cowboys into their hearts. The Steelers had more trophies but Dallas was Americas' Team. A crushing blow to take. How do Steeler fans deal with the ultimate rejection!? Like your momma telling you she doesn't want you. You screamed, "Dallas Sucks!" Your mother spanked you and all your Cowboy fan friends pointed and laughed.

       Everywhere you type in search on the internet "Americas' Team", the Dallas Cowboys pop up on the screen. Upperdeck in 93 put out a 15 card set of Dallas Cowboys from the 70s and the 90s. Topps in 04, came up with 4 Dallas Cowboy set of cards of stars of the 70s Cowboys. All these cards had the words "Americas' Team" written on them. There are posters with the nickname, tee shirts, hats, videos and dvds. NFL FILMS has several tapes labeling Dallas as Americas' Team. There are atleast a dozen books with the nickname on the book covers. While Steeler fans stewed , Dallas' fans were once again outselling the Steelers' fans at NFL shops. Where are the Steelers!? Does anyone care for the team that took nearly 4 decades to win a division title!? In 1966, when Dallas was valiantly figting the dinosaur Packers down to the last seconds in a NFL Championship game in only their 6th season, the Steelers were losing more often then Steeler fans were changing their underwear. It was embarrassing.

      How can the Steelers be excited without the label they want!? The Dallas Cowboys have taken your wife and kids. They've spanked you in front of your wife. Dallas sits in your favorite chair. They drive your car while you have to make the payments. You aren't complete without the nickname. Yea you won a ring but you aren't loved. Why!? You are lonesome losers with a trophy with an official flag attached to it. Because you are everything you say the Cowboys are! You have no class. Jack Lambert walked around like a thug when he was on the field. The Steelers were viewed as a hard working team but your players were arrogant. You screamed the Cowboys are druggies while your players shot up with steroids. You scream that Jerry Jones has no class while Dallas' players, coaches and ownerships never utters a word to put down anyone. The Steelers are an arrogant organization. Harrison acted like a thug as soon as he thought the Cardinals might win, he resorted to violence. Steeler players are arrogant. Their players in 07, trash talked the Patriots because they were jealous of their record. The Steelers have no appeal. Just a bunch of braggers who think their feces doesn't smell. They have no class. They carry themselves like they are the best ever but their 76 year history says they are only a winning team. The Pittsburgh Steelers aren't even in the top 10 in the NFL in wins over .500  in their history. There are 13 teams in NFL history that are better then 32 games over .500 . The Steeler arrogance is sickening to America. Steeler fans have nothing but insults for the Dallas Cowboys who are 114 games over .500 in their history. They have no respect for a 3 time Super Bowl champion like Jerry Jones. They ignore what he has done and insult him because he has won it all. Whats there to like about such an arrogant franchise!? All this talk about a .509 winning pct. franchise is silliness. Arrogance will be silenced next year. The Steelers arrogance  and lack of class is the reason, they don't have the fans of America. The Dallas Cowboys are Americas' Team. The Steelers and their fans only want praise for their Steelers dispite the fact they haven't been great for over 50% of their history. You ain't  Americas' Team, you don't fit the bill.


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