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Today's top news has got to be the economy: CitiGroup plunges under a dollar per share & the DOW hits a new low. I rant about the latter here - - in the Spin Room. The way I figure it, at the rate we're going the DOW will fall to 1939 levels about this time next year! Please, please, please correct me if I'm wrong.

 So, let's see, the pres. will give another speech to bolster things & the stocks will plunge even lower. That's the way it's gone since even before the inauguration. Right?

 And in the midst of all this, the Democrats are now starting to fight with the pres. He wants to cut itemized deductions for the wealthy to pay for his version of health care; a number of Congressional Dems say it will do more harm than good. They think it will especially hurt charity giving & charities are already hurting. If therer source of funds dries up, the government will have to move in to help out. Two Democrats who have already said they will vote against the spending bill are Bayh and Feingold

 Politics in General: Republicans are starting to realize Steele is a huge mistake & I agree -


And Now to Sports, Because This Is, After All, a Sports Blog: The biggest news of the day in my book is the fat that T.O. is no longer a Cowboy. I have mixed emotions, really. Part of me is glad that they may now have a chance to reach their potential again. Part of me is really, sad, though - that circus was just too funny to watch. I'm going to miss it.

 So, as the question has been asked on numerous sites - who is he going to ruin next? The overwhelming majority of SI readers do not want him on their team - - but when has that ever stopped a crazy owner? The first one onewho pops to mind is Al Davis. There'ssome type of karma or kismet there, I think. That would be another fun show to watch. Snyder also pops to mind. I hopehe has more sens, though. Campbell has the makings of a decent QB; getting T.O. would make him ho backwards.

Along with many others, I am going to be curious to see how this affects Tony Romo in the long run. He won't have to worry about throwing to T.O., & maybe he'll be a little more diligent. There won't be anyone around tempting him to go to Cabo, etc. 

Now, if Jerry Jones would only realse himself, the Cowboys would really start making strides!


Tyler ThigpenIn this season of free agency, the SI Vault brings us the 20 worst free agent signings of all time -

Can't argue with most of them, but a couple made me stop & think that sometimes it's the team, not the player. Two who made the list were Kerry Collins with the Raiders & Jeff Garcia with the Browns. Those stays certainly didn't turn out well. But both also went on to much better places in their careers.







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