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After the packers dissapointing season, I actually had high hopes for this coming year. We have a solid young team with what I now believe to be a Franchise QB in Rodgers with a solid RB and great Wrs. With the exception of the o-line we're pretty solid on offense. And on defense we have 3 pro bowlers in the secondary and with Atari getting healthy. Then we switched to a 3-4 defense. Mixed feelings about that. And I thought we had potential to make this a great of-season. We had over 35 million dollars. Enough to tender players like bigby, hunter, etc. enough to Give Greg Jennings a extension. Enough to Sign practically anyone im free agency if we really wanted to. But we still have to extension for jennings, no free agents, and now with the 3-4 defense we have to add and outside linebacker, a 3-4 End, and add more depth at CB, and the rest of the d-line.

I have always been a fan of GM Ted Thomson, I stood up for him through His biggest bust Justin Harrel, and even took his side on the Brett Favre situation. But he isn't making this easy. He Fails to do anything in free agency. I agree with keeping your own players, but that doesn't mean you can't add others along with that. I mean We have 30+ million in cap and Basically everyone but Jennings is locked up. How hard would it of been to shell out some for Canty, a Runningback to spell Grant, a veteran backup to Rodgers, more depth at Cornerback?

The Packers Better get this together if they want to take advantage of their opportunities before they pass. The Vikings are 1 descent QB and a semi-good WR form being a legit contender with A great defense and teh best Rb in the league. Imagine if they signed Owens and got someone like McNabb. Yeah, picture that, a great QB, RB, and WR along with a steller defense. What going with this is that the packers have to so something before they actually have competition.

My recomendation? Well it's a little late to do anthing in free agency, but if they could get Roy Williams that wouldn't hurt. If they could get him for a reasonable price he could play in-case of an injury and maybe even try him al LInebacker? Is start the draft off by drafting b.j raji. They need a Run stuffer in the middle of the 3-4 and he's a beast. Then Trade a 2nd rd pick and a 3rd round pick (the jets) for 1st rd pick aorund pick 14-18 to draft Brian Cushing who could play OLB in the 3-4. Id use the other 3rd rd pick to draft the best DE/OLB available that can rush the passer. They need someone who really can add depth to their LB core. Then Use their last picks to draft the best players available. This is where Thomson earns his living. He can normally find solid players in the later rounds.

Watcha think? feel free to comment.  


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