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alright so i am watching espn and there comes up this thing with to and his agent saying he has plenty of teams interested will hear is who i think they are a percentage chance of how likely he would go there. #1. - the Oakland Raiders- here is what i am seeing the raiders are known for taking guys with checkered pasts and they need a receiver so bad i mean they really have no wr actaully worth anything. another thing is to can play and the raiders have a high salary cap every year which would only add to the likely hood. i think that al davis will seriously consider this choice and it might be one of the teams that drew rosenhalfs or however its spelled is talking about with the list of teams he "negotiating with' possibility of him going ot oakland 35% #2- the San Francisco 49ERS- they need a wr they have 1 good one but Isaac bruce is like 35 or 36 years old so he wont be along forever. another reason is that the 49ers i think finally realized how much it hurt when he left since they have not mad the playoffs since his departure. i think they will at least discuss the possibility of him landing here and mike singletary would be a good coach to have since he is very tough. my percentage chance of him landing here is 15% #3 Jacksonville Jaguars- i know people want to say no to this and question and mock this but come on. they have a troubled group of underachieving wr's. they got rid of jerry porter and reggie williams wont be getting an extension. i think that if he went to the jags it would drastically improve this team that did into make the playoffs last year and could really help them in the short term. i would say he has a 15% chance of landing here. #4- this is another possibility right here with me saying that maybe the St. Louis Rams should seriously consider this guy. he is a dynamic wr with to much talent to not be taken and with tory holt currently wanting out i think this is a good possibility. they have a very no bs coach who could straighten to out and give him the crud he needs. eh would probably take a pay-cut o play and the rams have 1 wr spot already in check. my chance of him landign here is 13 % #5- i cant help but wonder if the browns are interested- i know how silly it sounds but this team was the biggest joke i have seen in a long time last year with no one even decent at the wr position. braylon edwards sucked and stallworth was a non factor and thats all they had. i think they wont offer a huge offer but to would get interest if just a little form this team. i sya a 5% chance of him going to cleveland. # 6 through # 10- i say that the titans,chiefs,redskins, and vikings are at least a little interested. i say the redskins might just want to let the possibility soak in and i think that the titans are the ones in the most interest for him since he is a playmaker and they could line him opposite of ate Washington. i say the cehifs discuss the possifililty and taht the vikings loik into what he could do. out of all of them i say the tiatsn and redskins are the most interested and that the titans give him an an offer. i say a 2% for the titans and a @5 for the vikings and a 2% for the chiefs and a 1% for the redskins


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