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Clock is winding down time to call a TO. Well apparently that was the problem in Dallas with the head case we have come to know as T.O. Terrell Owens a name that will live in infamy. A name that will forever be known as a selfless, heartless, receiver that had all kinds of talent but has chosen to waste it and develop a talent that has increased in popularity in the league over the last Few years. That talent is drum roll please, running his MOUTH.

If he ran his legs half as fast as he did his mouth he my have been all world instead of all loser. People have come to despises this despicable low life that just doesn't seem to get it. Good people that actually know and appreciate what the game is about are sick, and when I say sick I mean that when they see him do his end zone antics have to have a barfe bag on hand so they don't soil there shirt.

I think its time we stick T.O. in a timeout. Maybe if we just stuck him off by himself in a nice little secluded corner of another galaxy he wouldn't be able to soil the good name of the grid iron. What would the old guys like Lombardi, Landry, Don Shula, and Halas think of these stupid silly pardon me for saying but retarded little jigs.

Now for the Bills to get there's. This will either be one of the smarter decisions of this off season or it will really come back to bite them in the bum. I will say that the bills were smart in the fact that they only signed him to a one year deal. Terrell seems to play better when his butt and career are on the line.

Having TO on the team is like walking a high wire while carrying a dirty bomb and trying to dodge a 50 cal that has went hay wire and is shooting uncontrollable. Needless to say its risky business. One day u could see him and Edwards sitting on the side line sipping hot chocolate and laughing and giggling like a couple of giddy school girls and then the next day see Edwards sipping on a flask and TO hitting him over the head with the bottle. Well Edwards here's to you I hope things don't turn out like they did in Philly, but if they do make sure you stock up on plenty of jack and Kentucky's finest. You'll need it.


He's ok as long as there isn't a TE named Jason Witten who has 20 times the talent and heart that TO could ever have In a lifetime. What a baby. Its time to grow up and act like a man instead of a silly little brat that wines kicks and screams when he don't get enough balls. So here's some advice TO grow a pair and then you might get some balls.

February 23, 2011  04:27 PM ET

Keep the pics coming....please

July 18, 2012  09:33 PM ET

Awesome pics


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