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It seems like there has been a great deal made recently about the Chris Paul vs. Deron Williams debate.  Several writers recently have stated that clearly Paul is the better player, using purely stats to back up their opinion ignoring the more important results, that being wins.  Some have even been stupid enough to compare Paul to Magic Johnson that borders on blasphemy in my house.  In my opinion, that article, is one of the stupidest things I have ever read. 

While it is true that Paul has superior statistical numbers, that really doesn't tell the whole story.  The first thing that I notice when I watch these two play is that their roles on their respective teams is extremely different.  For this reason a comparison of stats is not very revealing.  On the Hornets, the strategy is to let Paul make nearly every play.  He has the ball in his hands nearly all of the time and he is expected to make nearly every play.  With that being the case, he better have better numbers than a guy that relies on his teammates more, not only for scoring but also for passing and making plays.

When a single player has such a big role it is very simple; win the matchup and nearly always win the game, and also the opposite is true lose your the matchup and nearly always lose the game.   The record of the Hornets vs. Jazz matchup with these two playing is clearly in favor of the Jazz.  The reason being Williams winning the point guard matchup.  - Advantage Williams

In the perfect PG, I want one that shows his ability to lead his team to wins.  This year Williams took a team that had the most games missed due to injury in the entire NBA.  Still when Boozer came back Williams had the Jazz only one win behind where Paul had the Hornets.  In the most comparable  season for Paul was two season ago, when the Hornets suffered through a lot of injuries, Paul was able to lead the Hornets to an amazing 39-43 record for fourth place in their division.  - Advantage Williams

Stats are great, however stats with little success in the playoffs prove worthless.  Once again Williams has the decided advantage in this over Paul; two seasons ago Williams led the Jazz to the conference finals, and last year gave the Lakers the biggest fight in the West.  Ask any Jazz fan who they would love to get to matchup against in the playoffs and it will nearly be unanimous that the Hornets would be the ideal matchup.  The reason for this is that nearly every other possible playoff team in the West has a player that scares them.  The Hornets have no player that scares Jazz fans.  Paul scares a lot of teams with lesser point guards, he does however not even threaten the Jazz.  - Advantage Williams

Now this is only my opinion but I hope that I was able to explain the reasoning behind this opinion.  I will take Williams over Paul everyday of the week.  Williams in my opinion has the advantage at the PG position every time he steps on the floor.  The way that Williams makes Paul look like a JV player nearly every time they play shows that this just isn't the case with Paul.  He may have the advantage nearly every night, however, when he plays against Williams he gets beat.

 The bottom line is this: Williams is a greater winner than Chris Paul and I will take the greater winner on my team every single time.  Williams > Paul


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