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Played a 27 person, $30 buy in game last night.  Interesting game.  1000 starting chips, and unlimited rebuys for the first 3 blinds.  But the blinds start at 5/10, so there is room to play poker.  The goal, for me, is to get to 3000 chips before the rebuy period ends, and then play that to the final table.

And, for the 2nd time in three tries at this event, the strategy worked perfectly.

Another great part for last night is that for the 2nd time I haven't had to rebuy either.  I mention this because the first time I played this tournament, I rebought 3 times.  Since I was new, I was determined to get as much knowledge of the game and its regulars as possible.  And since I had won $120 in a game the previous night, I committed that entire win to this tounament.  I think since I've done well ever since, it was money well spent, and money I'll certainly recover in the coming months.

So last night I stuck to my small pot/preflop strategy in the rebuy period.  As long as the pot was small, I called with any drawing hand.  If I had only a single pair, I allowed people to bluff me off if they wanted, and allowed them to simply raise me off if I thought they were ahead.  I didn't see any reason to make a stand with 2nd pair or straight/flush draws.  My goal was to NOT rebuy.  Meanwhile, the bluffers and such were doing the rebuys. 

One hand the flop came J-8-6, and I had J-10, and bet.  Got one caller.  Turn was a King of hearts, putting 3 hearts on the board and an over card.  So I simply checked.  Other player in the hand bets big, and I easily throw away my hand.  He shows me 6-3, and chuckles.  Now, if you've ever played with me, you know I can say certain things when the situation dictates.  In this situation, I simply leaned to him and said "I don't mind being bluffed, but I hate when someone shows me a bluff".  He just smiled, so I said "I'll have every one of your chips before its over". 

And by the end of the night, he had long since busted out, and I was in the top 4 and had cashed.  I'm pretty sure he thought by showing me his stupidity he would put me on tilt.  What he didn't know, since he'd never played with me before, is that I don't tilt.  As I've said before, tilting is the stupidest thing you can do at the poker table. 

A few great hands were played, along with a few great calls.  But let me take you to the best FOLD of the night.

I'm in the big blind, 5 people left in the tournament, and I'm BY FAR the lowest chip stack.  Everything flops around to the button, who raises it three times my big blind.  Small blind folds, and I look down to A-9 of Hearts.  Now, NORMALLY, this is a shoving hand.  Short stacked, Ace in my hand, decent kicker, and suited!?!?!  What more can I ask for? 

Here's why I folded. 

1.  Two players at the table had been showing agression, even on the money bubble.  I had enough chips to fold the big blind, and the small blind, and still play at least two more rounds on the table at the current blinds.

2.  I did not have enough chips to win the tournament.  So for me, being first to cash (because even 4th paid 4 1/2 times the entry fee) was my goal.

3.  I was certain that someone else would be all in before I was at risk of busting out.\

4.  My hand was AT BEST in a 50/50 race, and AT WORST I had one over to a good pair.  Well, at worst I was up against A-A, but I didn't think that was the case.  Turns out the other guy had K-Q of Clubs, so folding or shoving would have been correct, but I only had ONE card over his two, and any King or Queen and I don't cash.

Two hands later the 3rd largest chip stack got all in with the chip leader, and was WAY behind.  He busted out, and I slipped into the money.  So my fold, with a decent all-in hand....turned out to be a $143 decision.

So my weekend games are over, and I've finish it with a net profit of $228.  Originally put $35 into a tournament Friday, and cashed out $120.  Put $30 of that into the tournament Saturday, and cashed out $143.  And anytime I can turn $35 into $263 in a weekend, I'm happy.  Sure, I wish it could have been more, but winning is winning. 


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