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I am a die-hard Philadelphia Eagles fan and a first time blogger.  For weeks now I've been sulking at our off-season and boxing up the final Brian Dawkins Eagles memorabilia.  I understand how the organization works and quite frankly I'm puzzled and angered by it.  With a pretty talent-laden FA class this year, I was hoping to land a couple big-time FA's but with 0 impact signings and the usual watch the aging veterans vanish into the horizon, I'm left wondering what are the Philadelphia Eagles doing this offseason!?


Letting the defensive face of your franchise just simply walk out the door is unacceptable.  When you think of the fierce and intimidating Eagles defense, the first name that came to mind was Brian Dawkins.  The black visor, his ripped arms, and his entrance out of the tunnel which gives me goosebumps everytime I think about it.  If you were going deep or over the middle you KNEW #20 was lurking nearby.  So we signed the guy from the Browns as his replacement?  Yeah he may be good but you lose veteran leadership and a top safety letting Dawkins go.  You can't teach someone to be a leader, it just comes from the inside.  I understand last off-season Reid had MANY distractions and couldn't be as hands on as usual...buut uhhh what's this years excuse?  It's like when you break up with your girlfriend just so you can get the satisfaction of seeing her coming crawling back.  In Dawkins case, his girlfriend never did. 


If you are an Eagles fan, you need to be concerned that both Pro-Bowl caliber OT's are now gone, too.  Runyan and Thomas anchored that line since I had braces on my teeth.  They now both are gone and McNabb is left scratching his head after his "I won't sign an extenstion until you make this team better" tirade.  It's almost as if they're doing nothing on purpose out of spite to McNabb (who no matter what can never do enough for Eagles fans).  So we signed the Bengals OT who happens to be the brother of an existing Eagles OL'men but is he the answer?  Is a OT the answer in the draft?  Too many ? marks if you ask me for a team that looked like they would be hoisting the Lombardi Trophy in February. 



So ok let's think about something here...when was the last time we went to the Super Bowl?  Ohh when we had a legit deep threat in yes I'm going to say it...Terrell Owens.  With two 1st round picks and attractive young talent, couldn't the Eagles get something done for Q?  Sign Houzs?  McNabb has had his ups and downs but when you have a star receiver to throw to, it relieves the pressure on not only him, but the whole offense.  Westbrook is like that fast awesome car that you couldn't take your foot off the gas pedal, (much like L.T) but if you do that you start to see some wear and tear on your engine.  Westbrook is a stud and a homerun type player on any down but he needs help.  Not to mention in Buckhalters most productive healthiest season, they let him walk out the door too!  Alright Lorenzo Booker...you're now going to be seeing 80% more action than you did...EVER.  I don't like any RB in the draft this year aside from Moreno.  Donald Brown is a popular Mock Draft pick or Beanie Wells.  I think they'll both stink.  Trading those picks for an established playmaking WR is what we need to get back to the Big Game. 


As an Eagles fan I'm crying out to the Front Office...DO SOMETHING!!!!!!! Are we really going to just hide in the basement of the NFC East with this kind of talent.  Are you happy with re-building and never caring about wanting to win NOW?  Sign some vets...1-2 yr deals get a ring for the city PLEASE.  I'm just so sick and tired of either losing in the NFC championship or having to settle as the hottest team down the stretch that fell just short of the playoffs.  With the NFC East's stock down (Plax's legal troubles, TO out of Dallas, and Washington always being irrelevant) now is the time to break away from the division not go back into hibernation.  I'm 3/4 through a Franchise in Madden 09 on 360 and I traded away guys like Curtis, Parker, Buckhalter, and several draft picks and was able to assemble a pretty nasty little franchise.  If I can do it so can you; I speak for millions WAKE UP AND DO SOMETHING...NOW!


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