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     I hate to sound like that one fan everyone hates to talk to who always talks about the greats who have come and gone in my era, but Im starting to notice more and more every year just how much the organazation I route for just hands out honorable discharge papers to every damn fan favorite whoever graced the black and gold... When was the last time a Saint retired a Saint??? Could someone please give me the information on this question that has been burning my mind since I watched Ricky Jackson put on a red and gold niners jersey only to win a ring and come home for a game to retire? Who was the last great Saint,and I mean great on and off the field Saint who retired as a Saint? Other than Archie's Jersey hangin above the lights how many other FAN FAVORITES have retired the black and gold so gracefuly that thier number has never been worn again?

First the Duece and now Mike.. I understand the business logistics and the sense of urgency to win at all costs but to sell out the city is just down right dirty... How many more times and I going to get to see Duece out there handing turkeys out n Houma weeks after a hurricane? How bout Mike puttin up goal posts in the community or resodding fields.. We have to few Saints and way to many high priced whinney ass kids on this squad. We have the money to pay meachun to sit on the bench and reggie to grace GQ but we couldnt work a deal to bolster the D and keep a few more vets who have put thier time in with the establishment, who have paid thier dues and earned the community's respect a last year to have a curtain call...?

Im gonna miss seeing mike in the backfield waving his fingers in the air at the opposition razzing the crowd to thier feet, im gonna miss the chants of DEEEUUUUCEEEE in the stadium as our hometown boy joggs onto the field. And most of all Im gonna miss the feeling of knowing that loyalties still can coexist in business... Dont get me wrong I love the new look D, and I love the new toys on the field, but I dont love paying out cash by the ass load to players missing a quater of the season all to watch consistent starter quality team leaders walk away with the same old tired Loomis rhetoric.

Hope you got this year figured out Sean, Mr.Benson wont take to kindly to the loss of merch sales due to inconsistent personell.. Now Im gonna take one deep breathe and have a cigar in memory of all the great Saints weve let go over the years.


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