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Congratulations to the North Carolina Tar Heels.  They demonstrated all season long and throughout the playoffs that they are national champions.  And while the Michigan State Spartans didn't win their last game of the season, they have nothing to be ashamed of for their performance this year.

Thanks are due to all those who made this year's Final Four such a resounding success.  Thousands of people from southeast Michigan and southern Ontario put in hours and hours of work - much of it volunteer - to give college basketball its best chance to shine.  And shine it did!

But that is not all.  Come again to Motown next April when the Frozen Four will be played out along some of the same lines as this year's Final Four - at Ford Field.  We promise not to have a snowstorm then!  And feel free to take home a pound or two of kielbasa, a taste of Detroit.


If you have been on a deserted isle for the past year or so, you may have missed the scheduling which puts this year's NCAA men's basketball finals (also known as the Final Four) at Ford Field in Detroit on April 3 - 6. Much has already been written about the 2009 Final Four, and much more will be written now that the Sweet Sixteen has been pared down to four. Welcome to North Carolina, Michigan State, Villanova, and UConn.

This event follows on the heels of other recent national sports events in Motown such as regional men's basketball playoffs, the baseball All-Star game, and the Superbowl. As the only division one basketball program in Motown, the University of Detroit Mercy will be the host institution for the event.

If anyone has any questions regarding the background of this event, or of activities surrounding it, or other questions, please let me know. I do not guarantee to have an answer, or be able to find one. But as a Motowner and a member of the UDM community, I may be able to obtain some answers that are not otherwise available.

Whether you are just interested in the games themselves or would like a view of how a rustbelt city is reinventing itself, please sent me a FanMail or leave me a comment below. I will respond as quickly as possible. I cannot guarantee to get answers to all possible questions, of course, but I will try to get "horse's mouth" answers wherever possible.

In any case, welcome to Detroit - Motown (music), the Motor City (manufacturing), the Renaissance City, Hockeytown (and for a few days - Basketballtown), the Greenwich Village of the Midwest, the Largest Small Town in the World, and home to a lot of caring people. May your stay here be pleasant and may your team emerge triumphant!



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