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    News is not news anymore, it is media people slinging shots at athletes and calling it news. I haven't seen a real objective article or television segment in quite some time. All you hear about anymore is the bad guys in sports and the same soap opera stories day after day. It has gotten to the point where I am reading less material and watching less sports analysis. If I watch anything, it is the games themselves, and then I make my analysis, or write something. Yes I have my two-cents on the sports drama, but I like to think of myself as a sport blogger dedicated to not being like everyone else. We have a world full of people who don't care about news and care more about the power of the juicy story, no matter how many different angles have already been reported.


    This blog is more of a rant, but I am not trying to be informative right now, I am trying to tell you people that the news isn't new. The media isn't informing you either so whatever. I am absolutely dumbfounded by the way that ESPN has turned T.O. not showing up to the Bills VOLUNTARY CAMP into a major news piece that requires a headline or airtime at all. Not really news worthy if you ask me or anyone who cares about sports at all. T.O. never shows up to voluntary camp, ever. He didn't with Dallas and wont with Buffalo, but this is news? I understand that with March Madness going on and the NBA being close to play-off time there isn't anything viable to report(sarcasm in doses is journalistic brilliance), but come on, Jay Cutler articles are getting old. Yes I posted one with my opinions and some facts, but seriously, every day on ESPN there is something new(or at least they want you to think that) with the Jay Cutler ordeal. Unless he is traded and only IF IT HAPPENS, then it would be considered news since all other stories have been beaten to death.


    My loyal readers keep coming back because they know they can depend on me to articulate something more than just old hat rhetoric laced with opinions, they can actually come away from my blogs with new found knowledge that will go with them through their day and most likely turn into serious watering hole banter (just a little pat on my back). I mean I know these people are paid reporters and have to come up with something to keep their jobs and all, but come one, how many news stories about A-Rod does the public need, especially when there really isn't any new information being shared in the process. It is nothing more than the proverbial milking of an utter until it is dry and spent. I care about the story, I really do, but unless there isn't some groundbreaking truth to be exposed, I don't want to hear about it. It isn't interesting to hear the same thing over and over. I mean seriously, I would almost rather watch paint dry.


   I have a day off work today so I think I am going to read my paper, at least what is news and not hoopla. Then I am going to go outside or go for a drive, it is a beautiful day.









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