_bwf_ouw_mk___kgrhgookjcejllmyddjbkvrlptbzq___1If you know where to look on the internet you will find products with the revered nickname of Americas' Team on Dallas Cowboy items. There are currently two card companies with sets of cards with the nickname printed on the card.  In 1993 UpperDeck came out with a 15 card set of Americas' Team cards. COWBOYS is written in silver foil like letters which shine. There is a colorful emblem in the bottom right hand corner. The players in the set are.......

Roger Staubach     Robert Jones    Randy White    Troy Aikman     Russell Maryland

Drew Pearson        Jay Novacek     Michael Irvin     Chuck Howley    Bob Lilly

Harvey Martin         Ken Norton      Emmitt Smith      Americas' Team Header Card 

                                         Troy Aikman Checklist card 


     In 2005 Topps came out with a 4 card set of Americas' Team cards which features the following players,.............................

Drew Pearson          Tony Dorsett            Roger Staubach            Tony Hill


 These cards have the nickname written along a blue strip on the left side. There are rare jumbo size cards that also are available on occasion. You can imagine for yourself where to look. I can't advertise where, probably. These cards are very flashy! You can bid and get them for as low as $5.00 each or in sets, about 2-3 $s, apiece. I myself have over 150 of them. I just like to collect them.

   On the internet, you can find  atleast 12 books with the nickname printed on it. There are a few caps,t-shirts, posters, buttons, decals, videos. DVDs and Championship plaques. Advertisers usually use the nickname to bring up sales of Dallas Cowboys products. You can see some of these items on my blog if you click on my images.

     Go on search engines on the internet and type in search the nickname, Americas Team and the Dallas Cowboys appear proudly on your screen. It is the ultimate respect that only the Dallas Cowboys command. This is the most famous franchise hated because of jealousy. Truth of the matter is that the Dallas Cowboys have just won too many games in Super Bowl history, an NFL best 398. Armies of fans, sometimes in the 10,000+ area fill stadiums across the country cheering the Dallas Cowboys every Sunday.

   NFL films who came up with the nickname has gotten into the goldmine, they are selling video tapes and DVDs with the famous nickname lighting up the screen as the company filled its pockets with money  with this great franchise as the Dallas Cowboys caught the imagination of the entire country. America is fascinated with this great franchise.

  The Cowboys with the star on the helmet fit the bill as Americas' Team. The Dallas Cowboys since the sales of merchandise has been watched are the top seller overall. Even in bad years in the 2000-2002 times, Dallas was still in the top 5 in sales. Ofcourse according to haters, Dallas' fans are bandwagon jumpers which sales show isn't true. No the Dallas Cowboys have more fans then anyone in the country which is exactly why people hate them along with the best winning pct. in Super Bowl history. When, not if the Cowboys win a couple championships in the future, there'll be more items with the nickname.

   Well Upperdeck is getting in on the cash cow Cowboys with a new set of 09 Americas' Team cards coming out at the end of September. The Advocate has found several of the new cards are for sale with autographs if you bid for them right now on the internet. Here is a sample.

   Steeler fans wish they had the nickname. The truth of the matter is that they don't have the flamboyant personality of the Dallas Cowboys. The Steelers are blah! They were more successful then Dallas in the 70s but failed to get the admiration. Maybe fans got sick of hearing about the mighty Steelers while the Cowboys won for an unmatched 20 consecutive winning seasons. The Cowboys took the dinosaur franchise Green Bay Packers to the closing seconds in the NFL championship game in 1966 and 1967 in just their 6th season of existance which is sick. . Instead of praising the Cowboys, the media mocked them calling them the "Team That Couldn't Win the Big One" . Well the Dallas Cowboys not only proved the critics wrong, they got the biggest prize in professional sports, AMERICAS' TEAM is who they are !!!! 

    CARD NEWS ! This just in,.. Don't look now haters but Upperdeck has come out with a new insert of Americas' Team cards for 09. The set includes 100 individual cards of Dallas Cowboys from the mid to late 60s to the Romo led team of today. Stars like Staubach, Danny White, Drew Pearson, Bob Lilly, the first QB ever Eddie LeBaron, Hollywood Henderson, Moose Johnston, Randy White, Emmitt, Barber, Bruenig, Witten, Newman, Walls, Troy Aikman, Ed Jones and a host of others. The set is unique because average joes or backups like Miles Austin and Carpenter are included. A future star running back Felix Jones is also featured. The Americas' Team cards come in five packs of some retail boxes if you read the box. Some cards are in black n white to be more nostalgic. This card set makes the total cards supporting Dallas as Americas' Team to 119 cards from Topps and Upperdeck and probably more to come! Americas' Team is a cash cow year in and year out ! These 100 cards are a must for any collector or fan. Enjoy them from the internet bidding or the retail stores today !

Even Beckett has a story about the Americas' Team card reception from Cowboy fans.

Upper Deck America's Team Autographs Strike Chord with Collectors

By Tracy Hackler
7/18/2009 10:41:44 PM

Anyone who thinks the Dallas Cowboys have lost some of their cultish collector following in the 12 years since the team's last playoff victory should know this: Someone recently paid almost $60 for a 2009 Upper Deck Icons America's Team autograph of Seventies Cowboy Scott Laidlaw.

Laidlaw, it should be noted, spent just five seasons with Dallas and never rushed for more than 425 yards or scored more than four touchdowns in any one of them.

Someone else paid a similar amount for D.D. Lewis . . . and John Niland. Eddie LeBaron sold for $71. Larry Cole traded hands for $41.

Now as always, there's nothing quite like the star decal on a helmet to turn semistars into superstars.


Clearly, the Cowboys still have one of the most passionate collector bases in the history of professional sports, and Upper Deck's new America's Team cross-brand autograph program that debuted in Icons is driving that point home with virtually every online transaction.

Upper Deck officials deserve credit for deftly handling the 39-card autograph checklist, dotting it largely with nationally obscure, locally beloved former Cowboys who've never appeared on certified autograph cards before.

In fact, that's the case with 16 players in the set (see list below), including the aforementioned Laidlaw, Lewis, Niland and Cole, whose premiere signatures are commanding comparably crazy money on eBay.

In addition to the first-time signers in the America's Team program, there are a handful of subjects whose certified autograph appearances can best be described as rare. Dan Reeves, for example, hasn't appeared on an autograph card since 2000. LeBaron's only previous autograph appearance occurred in 1992 Pro Line Portraits. And Mark Stepnoski, Tom Rafferty and Tony Tolbert have just four autograph cards between them.

It's the perfect collecting storm, really; an example of what's possible when a great-looking, UD Legends-like design meets scarce autographs from members of a marquee franchise.

And the storm's just getting started. The America's Team program kicked off in Icons but will continue in base-brand Upper Deck, Upper Deck First Edition and SP Signature later in the year.

While much of the program is heavily retail-focused (blasters will include five-card packs of America's Team base cards and memorabilia cards will fall one per blaster case), the skip-numbered autographed parallels will be found almost exclusively in the hobby channel at a rate of about one every three or four cases. UD officials have confirmed, however, that some autographs will fall in retail products.

The base America's Team set includes 100 cards. There are also nine memorabilia cards (including Troy Aikman, Roger Staubach, Emmitt Smith and Tony Romo) in addition to the 39-card autograph set.




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