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Welcome to the FN 18 Preview! I am David Snipes and with me as always is Robert "X" Menn, We are going to change things up a bit here and actually keep score after these things and see who is better- tune back in Friday for the review and the Winner! 


Jeremy Stephens (16-4) vs. Gleison Tibau (16-6)

Robert: From Main Event status on the UFC Fight Night 17 to prelim on UFC Fight Night 18. Way to go Stephens. You must've pissed off someone named Dana or Joe. Anyways...Both of these fighters need to win this, or they are either A) going to be on Fight Nights for quite some time, or B) lose their job. Stephens looked okay in his fight with Lauzon last Fight Night before he was submitted, but he'll have his hands full when American Top Teamer Gleison steps into the cage. Tibau is one of the largest lightweights employed by the UFC, some saying he weighs about 180lbs by fight time. He also has pretty good BJJ skills, winning half of his fights by submission. That does not bode well for Stephens, as 3 of his 4 losses have come by some sort of tap.

David: Gotta feel for Jeremy here, from main eventing to being last out of the TV portion the next time around. Stephens is 16-4 (3-2UFC) and may be looking to stay on TV next time- I don;t think the loss hurt him in the rankings- but Tibau is a great opponent for him to get back up in rankings- if he can last as Tibau (16-6,4-3UFC) does have a reputation of gassing. Tibau is well rounded, costing Rich Clementi his job last time out- but Stephens needs this- and will stay ahead on the scorecards and work the 3rd round for a finish


Robert: Tibau, Rd 2, Submission
David: Jeremy Sub 3


Ricardo Almeida (9-4) vs. Matt Horwich (22-11)

Robert: Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt (3x over under Renzo Gracie), Almeida, looks to get back into the cage after last July's loss to Patrick Cote' against ex-IFL veteran, Horwich. Horwich is coming off a loss as well, his UFC debut at UFC 90, against Dan Miller. This fight to me is a toss up (and probably boring). Both guys can end this fight early with a submission. These guys will probably circle each other waiting for the other to make a mistake. Not enough fireworks. Matt has 18 wins by submission. 18! That's impressive. For the sake of picking, I'll side with Matt. 33 fights to 11 is a huge difference in cage knowledge.

David: Ricardo is 9-3, 1-1 since his comeback after he "retired" 2-3 in the UFC. Horwitch is 22-11 (0-1UFC) that loss coming from Dan Miller (a common name here on this card) Ricardo is on fight 3 of his 6 fight contract, and since both mens strenth is on the ground- I would think this is going to be there all 15 minutes, Matt does have KO power if he needs it- but I'll take the 3rd Degree Black Belt.


Robert: Horwich, Rd 3, Decision
David: Ricardo R2 Sub


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