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It has finally happened.

I just read an article about Jay Cutler being traded to the Bears. I don't know who the author is, or I'd give him credit for it here. But, it appears on NFL on S.I.com, so I'm sure it's been read many times over. I won't go into any detail about it either, as you can read it for yourself, and I don't need to make this any longer than needed.

Everybody and their brother will have their opinion about what transpired after weeks of drama between Cutler, McDaniels, and the Denver Broncos. I'm not a fan of any, but I do like the team, and respect them and their fans. As will most, I also have my opinion, although it's not any hair off of my back what they did or didn't do, or whether or not it was the "right thing".

As far back as I can remember, John Elway may or may not have been the first to refuse to play for a team or a coach.  He was initially drafted by the Colts, and he said he'd rather play baseball than play for them. His right to do that, as he wasn't under any contract.  Things worked out, and he became a great QB for the Broncos. I was happy for him when he won his first SB, even tho I was always an NFC guy. Sorry Packers, and fans, but you got yours the year before. Hard to believe it's been 10 years already since Elway and Co. beat the Pack.

 Then, we had Eli Manning refusing to play for the Chargers. Again, he wasn't under any contract and he and Phillip Rivers ended up swapping teams.  As long as all involved were happy, I see no problem with both instances, but then I'm not behind closed doors of these teams either. All I can go by is what I read and hear. It appears to have worked out.

Now, we have a 48 million dollar QB who got upset by an incoming coach and is halfway through his contract, and he demands to be traded. Without conjuring up all that has happened between then and now, and regardless of who is right, or who is wrong, this is what I would have done.

Had I been Pat Bowlen I would have tried talking to him, which he did,  and when that failed, and it did,  then I would make him report to camp when the time came, or be fined. He is, after all, still under contract. What's he going to do? If he chose not to report to camp, then go on with plans anyway. Let him stand on the sidelines, or do as the Titans did with McNair...ban him from the practice field, til he decided to sit down and talk. He sure wasn't going to play for anyone else. McNair's situation was different, but he was banned nevertheless.

I'm sure the Broncos would find a QB, if not Simms, who would be serviceable. What do you have to lose? A few ballgames? How do you know you'd lose those games before they're played? If Cutler did finally report to camp, he'd have to compete for his job again. But, if it was me, he'd ride the bench for awhile. Holding the team hostage, if you will, may set a precedent that may never be rectified. If Cutler gets away with it, then someone else will be thinking the same thing eventually.

The Bengals may not be the most liked or best team out there, but when their coach refused to give in to Chad Ocho Me Go Go to another team O, I respect him for standing his ground. Dude was under contract too, and he either had to play or be fined.  Why didn't Bowlen and McDaniels do that with Cutler? I bet you Cutler would have eventually come around. 48 million dollars........Wish I could have made that kind of money in the Navy.

I could sit here and call Cutler a spoiled, rich, professional brat, or things along those lines, but it wouldn't solve anything. What they did, I guess, was what they thought best, but I have my doubts about it.

Some of you may think that, since I'm a Cowboy fan, what business do I have commenting on something that don't concern me?  I'm not just a Cowboy fan........I am also a fan of professional football in that I enjoy watching all of the teams play. Yes, I watch the Lions every Thanksgiving too. The game is what it's all about, and if things like this keeps happening, what's going to happen to the game?

Who is the real winner here?





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