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After all the chiming in from anyone and everyone on this "McJaygate" I figured I would add my perspective to the table.


Let's take this whole thing from square one. Jay Cutler did not EVER want Josh McDaniels to coach this team. He was perfectly happy being the "golden boy" in the old system and never desired to make a change. The mere fact that a player on a team comes out and demands what coaches are kept and who can go just shows the lack of respect a player has for a franchise. It was not like Jay said "I would like to see Jeremy Bates here next year", oh no, Jay said "You better keep Jeremy." Really? You get to pick the coaches now?



The next issue was that coach McDaniels does not believe in coddling any players. It does not matter if you are the second string Punter or the franchise QB you will receive the same treatment from this staff. Meaning that when you mess up they will let you know about it, and the same goes for when you do well. I got the feeling early that having a QB that felt he had more talent that John Elway wasn't going to mesh well with that mentality.


Now, if you believe the reports or not the fact is that Jay wanted out early. This whole blowing up on a trade rumor was really just a way to get him out of this new system. Truth is what do you do in McDaniels situation? No really, think about it, you are the coach of a team. A new coach at that. Now you come in and win or lose it is now on you, add to that you know that just making the playoffs doesn't really fly in Denver. Now, you know your system, and you have an idea of what it takes to win at this level. The only issue is that you have a QB that has issues from day one. Your strategy is that this is one team not a bunch of individuals (if you recall the Patriots were the reason that individual names are no longer announced before the Super Bowl).


With that mentality do you go ahead and back off of everything you know to tell some arrogant QB that he is the exception to the rules you expect the rest of the team to follow?


In that case this would have truly been Jay Cutler's team. That said take a look at teams like Washington, Oakland and Dallas, these are the teams that most notably allow their players to overrule the coaching staff. How is that working out for those franchises?

Bottom line is that Cutler was not going to help his new coach in any way shape or form. So, again I ask, what would you do?   And how is McDaniels the bad guy here? Because he listened to a trade offer? REALLY? This is a franchise that tried to trade John Elway at one point. Add to that guys like McNabb are in trade rumors every offseason, you think he is going to just stop showing up? I really feel that had Jay wanted to be a part of this team from the start he would be there right now.


What I don't get is why the Broncos front office isn't getting more credit here. They turned a trade rumor of Cutler straight up for Cassel into Orton two 1st round picks and a 3rd. Talk about running a guy through the mud and coming away with an even better deal. Truth is that the Bears gave up enough to get an MVP caliber player, not a guy who's best season as a QB was 8-8.


The truth here likely lies somewhere in between each individual story, and the true winner of this trade will not surface until we see if Orton fits this system, if Cutler can work without any talent around him, and most importantly what Denver does with those picks. This may turn out to be Hershel Walker to the Vikings all over again. While Cutler has all the tools to become an elite player so have guys like Jeff George and Kyle Boller.  The best QB's are the ones that can handle pressure, are level headed and don't make rash decisions. Seems like Chicago better hope this guy can grow up in a hurry, and Denver needs to hope they can hit the jackpot in the ???09 and '10 drafts.



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