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Well it looks like its spring time again. March Madness has ended (pretty crappy final huh?). Spring training is over (the Astros don't know whether to be happy or sad). The NBA playoffs are about to start (the Rockets are mostly happy, except for Tracy McGrady). And who could forget about the NFL Draft (The Texans are always happy. Ignorance is bliss right)? So with all of these and many other things going on in the sports world, I decided to make a blog entry (you lucky readers you).


Well let's start with the Astros. Back in spring training 'Stros fans were all wondering if this team could really win ninety games like manager Cecil Cooper predicted. Well 'Stros fans if you're still wondering you can stop. As much as I like to root for my home team I really have had no reason to since they went to the World Series three years ago. (come to think of it we got swept out of the WS so I didn't have anything to root for then either) But the past few seasons have been different for a couple of reasons.

1) Since making the WS the Astros have won exactly zero, that's 0, playoff games. How is this possible you ask? They haven't made the playoffs since being to the WS. In all sports they have what they might call 'hangover' from last season after making the championship. The Astros are past that stage. They aren't 'hungover', they're the guy at the bar who can't pronounce 'beer' but is yelling at the bartender to give him another.

2) Since basically renting Roger Clemens and Andy Pettite, AKA the Juice Bros., the Astros have done nothing to improve their pitching depth. The 'Stros used to have some of the best pitching in the NL but now they can't even put a guy on the mound, after Roy O that can pitch for 6 innings consistently. This (if you didn't know) is a BIG problem for them. They can get all the bats they like but they still won't win enough games to make the playoffs until that pitching staff improves.


But enough about the Astros, let us discuss the Rockets. They are a playoff team, obviously, because they made the playoffs but does that mean that they will win? I've gone over the scenarios in which the Rockets could win a playoff series in my mind thousands of times (that's right I am that boring). In those thousands of scenarios I find that the teams that we would do the best against are the Hornets, Blazers, and Mavs. Out of those teams I would really rather that we play the Mavs. We've been a good team against them this season and I could see that success transferring into the postseason. If the Rockets coulld somehow magically beat the Mavs in the last game of the season and then somehow get them in the playoffs I'd be a happy fan. Now it's not that I don't think that the Rockets couldn't beat the Lakers, Spurs, Nuggets, or Jazz but the simple fact is that we can't beat those teams in a seven game series and that's without Manu on the Spurs squad. The Rockets have never been an overly physical team, ever. Not even when they won those championships in 94-95. They have alwasy been a finesse team, very capable on the break and decent in the halfcourt with good defense. But come playoff time teams have to be physical. You have to grind games out. You have to know how to win close games. Sorry to say it home team but that's just not the Rockets MO.



And now, finally I get to talk about the Texans. What can I say about the Texans that I haven't said before? I hope they improve this year. Could this finally be the year that they make the playoffs? I doubt it but there will no doubt be a lot of offense this year. Last year they were 3rd in total offense, if Shaub can stay healthy then maybe this team has a chance to win more than eight games. But the season is still months away and right now is time to focus on the draft. With it just over a week away, I'm excited (probably moreso than I should be) to see who the Texans will select with their #1 pick. Will it be Brian Cushing who can move from inside to outside linebacker (very versitile player, go check out some of his USC games) or will they go with Clay Matthews who definitely could fill the outside linebacker posistion as well (not to mention playing pro ball in the same city his uncle used to)?


I'm giddy with excitement over all of the possibilities of the immediate future of Houston sports. Who will the Rockets lose to in the playoffs? How many games will the Astros lose? Who will the Texans draft on D-Day? Why am I writing a blog at 11p.m.? Well until next time home team.


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