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 Michael Crabtree should be avoided by all top 10 teams. Yes, we hear he has all the tools. He has height, not afraid to run across the middle, big, strong, can run through tackles, solid footwork, will defeat the jam, returns kicks, has tools to be a dominant blocker, knows how to get open, will hold on to ball after hard hits, everything it takes to be successful so the scouts say.

    So, whats the problem? How about Danny Amendola. An undrafted guy who didn't do squat for the Cowboys last year had better numbers (yards) in his last season at Texas Tech then Crabtree had last year? Is it the system? Thats very alarming to me. I was shocked that Crabtree only had 1,165 yards receiving last year. Amendola had over 1,200 yards in 07? Same system, same QB., same team? Amendola didn't even make the Cowboys practice squad fair and square last year. He got the spot because hes popular. He had 2 catches and a fumble lost in preseason.  He stinks, sorry Amendola fans, he stinks.  Amendola put up over 1200 with the pass happy Tech offense. Eyebrow raising stuff. Also Crabtrees' numbers dropped from 1,962 to 1,165. Thats a dropoff of 797 yards? Ouch!  he wasn't playing with an injury was he? He had a little ankle problem late. I saw him late in the year, he was running fine to me. Sorry putting up over 1,100 yards in that offense isn't great. Crabtree averaged only 12 yds per catch which isn't impressive. At Texas, Roy Williams averaged 16.2 in his career.. He should've gotten better in my opinion, he had a huge drop off. Did corners figure him out? Yea, a freshmen phenom absolutely, sophomore? Far from it. Hell, the BYU receiver Austin Collie had 1,538 and 15 TDs but scouts say its the system? Collie is slated to go in the 3rd round. No Collie doesn't have the tools that Crabtree has but has the Tech system made Crabtree look better?  He should've did more in that offense.

     Here are some of his negatives. doesn't have great breakaway speed, 12 yd per catch average in 08, didn't play in pro style offense, has alot to learn, lacks explosiveness coming out of his route, SN Preview says he needs to give better overall effort and become more consistant, must improve downfield blocking, too flashy, immature, primadonna. PFW Preview says he thinks hes already arrived, character and drive need closer examination, wasn't asked to run alot of routes at Tech, doesn't appear to be a hard worker, could end up another David Boston. These statements are from Lindys, Pro Football Weekly, and Sporting News Draft Preview 09 publications.

     I just don't see all the hoopla about Crabtree. He should've stayed another year in college. Far from a great sophomore year, not in a pass happy system. Teams in the top 10 better steer clear from this guy. True as far as evaluating players, I'm a bum but the experts are wrong alot too. Charles Rogers ring a bell? Archie Griffin?  I am into looking at stats and Crabtrees' numbers last year don't warrant a top 10 pick. HUGE HUGE RISK PICK! A player who thinks hes great usually isn't interested in hearing constructive criticism. Just my thoughts. Sorry Crabtree fans.



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