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Well guys I'm single again so now that I no longer have a hot little blond with abandonment issues calling me every 5 seconds just to ask me "what are you thinking about" I had to address the issue about what to do with all of my free time. Well luckily for you guys I chose this over staring at a wall for 3 hours a day. So just know that so one cares about enough to take a lot of time out his day just to write offensive blogs so you can make your self feel more like a man by ripping a part a person who you never have and never will meet. Anyways here are some of the burning questions going into next season that I'm gonna do my best to answer.

1. Who will start for USC at Quarterback next season?

This battle will be a 3 way war between itch Mustain, Aaron Corp, and Garret Green. Mustain, the most proven comodity of the three, started for Arkansas 3 years ago, sat out a year, and fought over the starting job with Sanchez last year, but in the end fell short. He seemed to be a sure favorite to win the job coming into this spring, but it seems that Garret Green, a 6-2, 210 lbs senior and 6-2 2005 lbs. Dual threat redshirt sophomore Aaron Corp have put on a lot of pressure. The menof troy aren't well known for scramblers but my favorite out of three has to be Aaron Corp. So far this spring he has put on a show and shown a lot more command in the huddle and leadership than mitch Mustain. Corp would compliment the weapons in the USC backfield very nicely with his running ability. Look for USC to go with the Redshirt sophomore and build for a future title run.

2. How will LSU use incoming freshmen star Russel Sheppard?

This is a bit of a homerish question, but it's one that has been burning in my mind never the less. It seems that Sophomore Jordan Jefferson has pretty much clinched the job at starting quarterback for this season, but Miles has made it very clear that he had plans for Freshemn sensation Russsel Sheppard. I'm not quite sure what to expect from this because I can see several different scenarios playing out. So here are the three things I can see happening next season.

1. Jeffferson accepts more of a pocket passer role and Russel sheppard accepts a Ryan Perilloux kind of role (minus the numerous run-in's with the law)

2. Sheppard is moved to running back. People fail to remember that former LSU running back Joseph Addai came into LSU as a 5-star quarterback. When Addai arrived on campus he weighed only 195 lbs. But put on about 20 lbs. And ended up being a bruiser at running back. If some how Sheppard could put on atleast 15-20 lbs. This summer look for him to be swapped over to the running back position and be used as a weapon to spread the field in the 2009 season and fight for a starting job in 2010.

3. Sheppard puts on 10 lbs. And is swapped to a slot WR role and is used to spread the field on bubble screens and short passes that try to isolate him 1 on 1 with defenders.

3. How will Lane Kiffen do at Tennessee this coming season after an interesting off-season? 

Lane Kiffen goes into this season with a lot of people in the SEC not liking him at all. With a difficult schedule this could not be good for Tennessee. Vols fans accepted this year to be a building year a long time ago but Kiffen has seemingly painted a target on the back of Tennessee's helmets by pisssing off everyone in the SEC with his arogance. This surely will motivate people to play harder against the Vols and make Lane's opening season possibly one of his last at rocky top.

  •   Tennessee 2009 Schedule       
  • Vs. WKU         W    
  • Vs. UCLA         *    
  • At Florida        L    
  • Vs. Ohio         W    
  • Vs. Auburn      *    
  •  Vs. Georgia    *    
  • At Alabama      L    
  • Vs. USC           *    
  • Vs. Memphis   W    
  • At Mississippi   L    
  • Vs. Vanderbilt W    
  • At Kentucky    W
  • W- Win
  • L- Loss
  • *- toss up 


Tennessee has to travel to Oxford, Mobile, and Gainsville. Playing 3 top ten SEC teams on the road is demoralizing for a young team and will guarantee atleast 3 losses. My question is will Tennessee be to beat down from these games to win close games against teams like South Carolina, Georiga, and Auburn? This will decide the story of Tennessee's season. 

Well guys thanks for reading, sorry about my lack of mastery of the english language, I don't anyway to spell check on this computer. Until next time... PEACE.


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