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Well guys, recruiting for the 2010 class is just now coming into full swing and I would like to introduce you to a few big name prospects that you will be heading about next February on signing day. Here is part one of my series on the class of 2010.

 The Stud Quarterback

Every recruiting class has one thing, a quarterback that is crowned the "next big thing". sometimes it's one like the 2008 class when Terrell Pryor was just head to toe better than everyone or sometimes you have a class like last year when there are two studs with two completely different styles like last year with Russell Sheppard and Matt Barkley. this year is truly unique in the sense that there is no stud quarterback. every single recruiting class seems to have a different number 1 quarterback. The 3 elite that every site seems to be high on are...

1. Jake Heaps- 6-2, 195 lbs., Issaquah, WA

Heaps is physically lacking in the sense that he is short and could stand to gain about 10 pounds, but is strikingly efficient. He shows a few similarities to Colt Mccoy in the sense that he is very accurate, very consistent, and can run when he has to. Heaps has the potential to be a great quarterback and is probably the least risky pick of this years bunch in the sense that I just can't see him being a bust.

Schools of choice- Alabama, BYU, Cal, Florida State, Georgia, LSU, Notre Dame, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Washington (if he goes to Washington or Florida State just forget everything I said about him, he'll be a bust)

2. Blake Bell- 6-6, 215 lbs., Wichita, KS

Bell is the most physically impressive prospect of this class. He's a big bodied quarterback  with alot of pro potential. Believe it or not several recruiting websites have him as a dual threat prospect meaning that he is an unbelievable athlete to be 6-6 and that heavy. Bell has a good arm that is not quite on the same level of Matt Barkely's. Bell's weakness is patience in the pocket. He has only been a quarterback for one year (he originally played receiver) so he is a bit immature at the position and does not show great patience in the pocket.

Schools of choice- Solid commit to Oklahoma

3. Paul Jones- 6-3, 223 lbs., Mc Kees Rocks, PA

Jones is one of the more muscular quarterbacks I have seen. He has the physical tools to be an excellent pocket quarterback who runs when he has to. He's an average athlete who runs a 4.8 but is more4 agile than his time suggests. However he has arguably the best arm of anyone in his class. Jones is very accurate and consistent with his pass placement but could stand to improve his throwing mechanics a little. Jones has the potential to be a great future quarterback. In terms of raw pocket passing talent, he blows any of this year's prospects out of the water.

Schools of choice- solid commit to Penn State

Other guys to watch- Nick Montana, Phillip Sims, Connor Woods, Pete Thomas, Scotty Young, Austen Hinder, Deven Gardener, and Joe Boisture

These guys are all neck and neck, but Heaps seems to be the most interesting one because he seems to not want to give away his commitment until signing day comes. This will without a doubt be an interesting year for recruiting quarterbacks.


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