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Well guys this is part 2 of my series on the class of 2010 and I think that this is coming along quite nicely even though for some reason I haven't getting quite the normal amount of readers I'm used to getting. Anyways, in every class you skim through the top 100 lists and as you look you'll see one guy that just pops out at you. It's not a funny name or that he lives near you that jumps out at you but the raw freakishness, size, and athleticism that makes you look twice. These are the physical freaks, the workout warriors, the first guys off the bus. They are the beasts of the class and they are what make you just drool, stare, and wonder if we have stumbled upon the next Lawrence Taylor or Jonathan Oden. These are the true men of the gridiron. Here are my top 3 "physical freaks" of this year's class.

1. Sentrell Henderson, OT- 6-8, 301 lbs., Saint Paul, MN

Sentrell is the definition of an all around athlete. He is the top prospect in the nation at Offensive tackle, is starting center on the basketball team and is a 2 time all-district selection, won the state championship in track in the shot put, discus, and 1,500 meter run. How many 300 lbs. tackles do you know that can run a mile in under 5 minutes? This guy can do it all. He is best known however for is unbelievable ability to pass block. Sentrell has the best form I've seen out of a high school OT in years. However he could improve his run blocking a little. This guy will kill people on the next level because he's strong, he doesn't get tired, and he's huge. What more could you want?

Schools of choice- Florida, Iowa, Minnesota, UCLA, Oklahoma, Ohio State, Notre Dame


2. Jackson Jeffcoat, DE/LB- 6-5, 233 lbs., Plano, TX

Jackson is a great pass rush De who has great speed. I've seen mixed reports of 4.5 and 4.6 40 times. He is an excellent looking athlete who has great explosion off the ball and is well known for blowing past defenders and sacking the quarterback. Jackson has a long frame with alot of room to put on muscle. He would be a great college DE or Outside linebacker with his blend of speed, strength, and size. Look for him to dominate college OT on the next level.

Schools of choice- Baylor, UGA, LSU, Oklahoma, Texas, USC, Texas A&M

3. Jeff Luc, LB- 6-1, 240 lbs.,  Port St. Lucie, FL

This dude is an absolute freak! Luc run a 4.6 40 and has potential to get down to a 4.5. He benches 335 and squats 700 lbs! Luc is gonna be an inside LB during his college career. Jeff has made a name for himself in Florida as a big hitter. Jeff is said to of put 5 different players out of games with concussions last season alone. Opposing coaches have told their quarterbacks just to throw the ball away the second they see this kid break the line of scrimmage to protect themselves. Luc is destined to be a Ray Lewis like player on the next level who will strike fear into opponents far and wide.

Schools of choice-  Florida, Florida state, Miami, Michigan, Notre Dame, UGA, Alabama, USC, Arkansas, Ole Miss, North Carolina, Mississippi State, Ohio State


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