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This is nothing but speculation on my part because of the fact we will never know. But first, some facts about the man.

 According to Wikipedia, he is currently the offensive coordinator for the Kansas City Chiefs, and was hired in Jan 08.

In 1985, he started out with the Broncos as a defensive assistant and special teams coach. The Broncos made 3 SB appearances during his 6 years there. In 1991 he left to become the head coach of the Birmingham Fire of the World League of American Football where the team made the playoffs in both years he was there. After a one year run at Samford University, he was hired by the Steelers in 1994, where he started off as a receivers coach, then moved up to OC during 1996 and 97.They won four consecutive AFC Central titles and played in one SB (XXX). While as the OC, the Steelers ranked 6th in total offense and 7th in scoring.

In 1998 he was hired by one Jerry Jones to replace Barry Switzer. The 'Boys won the NFC East in 1998 and made the playoffs during his TWO years at the helm. I thought it was 3, but memory fails me occasionally. TWO YEARS! The 'Boys failed to win a playoff game those TWO years, but what do you expect after Switzer? The Cowboys were a mess. How he got them to win the NFC East his first year is nothing short of miraculous. They won the division with a 10-6 record, and the Giants, Eagles, Redskins, and Cardinals must have really sucked canal water back then. The next year, at 8-8, they made the playoffs again, but  again with Switzer's crap. All of Johnson's people had been abandoning ship for 3 years, so what did he have left? Whatever Switzer (and Jerry) had brought in.

Then, he was with the Dolphins from 2000-01 when they posted consecutive 11-5 records

 He had TWO years to rectify what Switzer had disassembled. No one man can do that, not in that time frame, but yet he did manage to get to the playoffs anyway.

What if he had 3 years? Or 4 years? Or God forbid a coach stay for 5 years anymore. I have a feeling these Cowboys would have traveled a very different road than they have been, for the fact they had a coach who knew how to coach, and was fired after TWO years because of the sorry players he inherited and just making the playoffs wasn't enough. 

I think it was Lambertlunatic who said in another blog about "instant gratification" and Jerry Jones not having enough patience. I couldn't agree more, when I think about what Chan Gailey could have done for this team if he had only been given the time and a chance.

Jerry Jones is a billionaire for a reason......he's good at sales, business, and likely several other things. But, for hanging on to good coaches and other things I won't mention...........well, you catch my drift. I can only wonder.


What if?



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