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 This weekend my dad, my cousin, and I traveled up to Knoxville, Tennessee to see the Tennessee Vols spring game as well as get a few autographs. Tennessee has the day of their spring game set up perfectly. From 11:15-12:45, fans can get the player's autographs down at the practice field. Then at 3 the game starts. Last year it wasn't that packed. Not the same story this year. We got to the line an hour early, and the line went almost all the way around the outside of the field. They let the people in, only for us to wait in line for an hour until the players and coaches came out. Then it got fun.

The two longest lines at the field were for Eric Berry and new head coach Lane Kiffin. My dad got in line for Berry, so my cousin and I just decided to get in the shorter lines. 90 minutes later, we walked away with footballs covered in autographs. When we met up with my dad, we saw he had one and only one autograph: Eric Berry. It took about 85 minutes for him to get Eric's autograph, while we got about 40 or 50. Berry did not play in the Spring Game. Probably from cramps in his writing hand.

Now to the game. I went to the Georgia Spring Game last week, and it was pitiful. The game was boring, none of the players would sign autographs, and it was packed due to ESPN's coverage. Well, being packed can be said for Tennessee's game. There were around 51,000 people there (a Vols record), and it was evident. Last year an entire side was blocked off. Not this year. Many sections were still empty, but it was still amazing to see all that orange for a practice game. Pregame Phillip Fulmer was given an award. How akward a conversation would that have been? "Uh, Phil, I know we fired you and all, but how about coming out for a little trophy in front of a packed house to see your replacement coach your players? Phil? You still there?"  

In all, the game looked good. It was hard to follow due to changes to the game, but the White team had the ball the whole game and just switched players in and out. The QB situation still looks open, and B.J. Coleman did his part to keep it close. Coleman went 13-22, threw for 160 yards and 2 TD's. Meanwhile, Jonathan Crompton threw the only INT of the game. Ouch. The running attack looked great, as Tauren Poole rushed 18 times for 83 yards, and Toney Williams gained 79 yards on 13 carries. I would believe that this will be the offense's strength this year.

I'm going to go ahead and make my prediction for Tennessee this year. I believe they will go 7-5, with the W's coming against Western Kentucky, UCLA, Ohio, Auburn, South Carolina, Memphis, and Vanderbilt. People are enthusiastic about the Vols chances in the future. I just hope Kiffin doesn't screw up BIG TIME like he's been promising since he was hired.


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