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Here is the first edition of the Sunday's Best mock draft in what we believe the NFL Draft will look like come April 25th. I hope you enjoy! And please don't forget to comment.

  • 1. Detroit Lions - QB Matthew Stafford (Georgia) - Sure the Lions should rebuild their offensive line... that makes much more sense right? The only problem here is will they? I think not. Selecting a 6-2 junior from the ACC at this high of a pick is considered a risk especially since the Lions have had no success with drafting skill position players. The Lions need a QB and although Stafford may not seem like "the guy" Detroit really has no choice (How many teams will be willing to give the Lions 2 first round selections for the 1st overall pick?). Stafford completed over 61% of his passes last year and only had 10 INTs while throwing 25 TDs and over 3,400 Yards.
  • 2. St. Louis Rams - OT Jason Smith (Baylor) - The Rams are in desperate need for an OT after taking 2 D-Linemen the last 2 games. The Rams might as well get their OT now while they havethe 2nd overall pick in a draft full (once again) of O-Line talent and while NFL veteran Orlando Pace is still around. Jason Smith is seen as the best OT in the Draft at 6-4) and 305 pounds. He is very strong, hardworking, tough and quick with his feet. He's described as a quick learner with a good work ethic (though he looks mean as hell).
  • 3. Kansas City Chiefs -OT Eugene Monroe (Virginia) - The Chiefs are in a similar position as the Rams are in with a desperate need for an OT and a high pick. So it is obvious that the Chiefs will pick up Eugene Monroe even if LB Arron Curry looks like a stellar NFL product. Okay so maybe not obvious but I could see Curry dropping in this draft (not by much though). The need to protect their prized off season addition Matt Cassel is highly important. Monroe is 1/2 an inch taller and 5 pounds heavier than Jason Smith. He is described by experts to have very good feet, quickness, balance and smartness (however you want to describe that).
  • 4. Seattle Seahawks - OT Andre Smith (Alabama) The Seahawks have an even more similar situation as the Rams with an aging NFL veteran OT (Walter Jones), a high pick and a desperate need for an OT. Jones is still good but he is turning 35, nearing retirement and he has had a major knee surgery. Sean Locklear isn't the answer either. Andre Smith's stock dropped him from becoming possibly the top OT prospect in this year's draft after leaving the combine but the Seahawks truly needhim. He is 6-3(.5) and 340 Pounds (very heavy) so he has questionable weight problems but great size. The Seahawks could go with a popular pick in WR Michael Crabtree but OT, LB, DLand QB all seem to be more important issues to tackle and seeing how T.J. Houshmandzadeh just signed with the Hawks- WR is not even in the Top 5 of issues needing a fixing.
  • 5. Cleveland Browns - RB Chris Wells (Ohio State) The Browns lack a solid running back and Jamal Lewis had just 3 runs of 20+ yards - That's horrible. Beanie is 6-1 and 235 pounds which is huge for a running back (same height and 17 pounds heavier compared to NFL elite running back Adrian Peterson). He rushed for about 1,200 Yards in 10 games last season (120 Yards a game!) and he was injured for a couple of games (which is a bad thing actually). He is very powerful and if he stays healthy he could be a Top 10 RB next year as a rookie.
  • 6. Cincinnati Bengals - OLB Aaron Curry (Wake Forest) If only 2 OT's have been selected before this pick expect the Bengals to consider picking another but I see the Bengals going with an OLB here. The Bengals don't want to take Michael Oher this early in the draft (so they could trade down) and they don't want to pick up a C this early in the draft either (2nd or 3rd round) so the Bengals are left with three options: trading down, selecting Knowshon Moreno or taking a steal at pick #6 in Aaron Curry. 101 tackles 2 sacks and 1 INT are among his 2008 stats but it is his NFL ready body and his athleticism that have scouts turning their heads. This is a situation where the Bengals are going to take the best player available although OLB is a serious need.
  • 7. Oakland Raiders - WR Michael Crabtree (Texas Tech) The Raiders need a tackle, but like the Bengals, are in position where they can't really risk a this high of a pick for Michael Oher so I see them addressing their 2nd biggest need with this draft day steal, Michael Crabtree. Crabtree averaged 12 YPC and caught 97 passes with 19 of them resulting in scores of 6 last year. He is tougher and better at getting open than Jeremy Maclin and he has good size. He is just under 6-3. He had his best season his year playing at TT by gaining 38 yards shy of 2,000 Yards in just 13 games with 134 receptions and 22 scores. He also averaged 14.6 YPC that season. This should give the struggling Jamarcus Russell some options.
  • 8. Jacksonville Jaguars - WR Jeremy Maclin (Missouri) Jeremy Maclin provides the Jaguars with a promising future at WR unlike Matt Jones, Troy Williamson, Jerry Porter and Reggie Williams - and no these aren't the Detroit Lions. So Jerry Porter is out and Torry Holt is in but the Jaguars could use another WR seeing how Holt is turning 33. They may not need his returning skills but they can sure use his speed and natural hands. He is a great play maker even though he lacks several pro traits.
  • 9. Green Bay Packers - DE Brian Orakpo (Texas) Green Bay could use a DT like B.J.Raji but with Brian Orakpo still in the air I see Green Bay biting here. They need a 5 technique end which Brian does not exactly represent but he is the best DE in the draft and therefore I see the Packers taking him here and if he is not available expect them to go after a true 5 technique end like Tyson Jackson from LSU or B.J.Raji Brian recorded 11.5 sacks in 11 starts last season and registered 19 tackles for a loss out of 42 while collecting 4 FF's. He is pretty strong and there isn't much room for him to be a bust seeing how there was little wrong with his overall game.
  • 10. San Francisco 49ers - QB Mark Sanchez (USC) This is obviously a big risk by drafting a one year starter from USC but given the recent failure to land Kurt Warner and now that there are fewer QB's on the FA Market I could see the 49ers going with a QB. Mark is not a beauty but he posses quite a few pro traits and he is not just another Matt Leinart. He completed about 66% of his passes and threw for 34 TDs while throwing only 10 INTs and he also threw just above 3,200 Yards. He is statically better than Matthew Stafford. Sure Mark has a great team but I think this "risk" isn't too bad when you're stuck with Alex Smith, Shaun Hill or J.T. O'Sullivan for another year.


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