Where did the Spazz go wrong?

First off, I am super die hard Spazz fan, have been all my life. I had two favs of favs growing up in the late 80's Michael Jordan and Karl Malone, couldnt like them both so...

I took Malone cause everyone loved Jordan. Also most like I took the underdog (even if he is the greatest PF of all time, ring or not) in a weird way. 

But I regress, the reason for this today is to talk about how the Jazz lost 9 of their last 12 games. They lost their home court edge, they lost their swagger.  These Jazz have no heart left (besides Deron) at all.  As much as a I love the Jazz, IMO I don???t see them making this serious much more then as Jerry Sloan put it a speed bump on the road to the finals. 

This season had so heavy expiations placed on it not only by the fans, media, coaching staff, owner and the players. Don???t give me this crap about injuries either, the Jazz had over 20 different starting lineups through the first three quarters of this season and were 4th in the league, before falling on their damn ass.

That means everyone should be sum what rested not playing all 82 games.  However with their starters back the Jazz played their worst ball of the year. 

Jerry???s boys have always been tough players, (no dirty so don???t go there) played hard, fouled hard. It almost like Shaq, took a page from Jerry, if you come into this lane I am going smack you around. Don???t dunk in my house attitude.  However not this year. There is no mean ???nasty??? streak in these players. No come to my house I will put you on your ass type mentality. I don???t see where they lost it. Again its like Deron is the only player out there with heart, attitude, swagger.

So now I am off my soap box, trade Boozer or cut him either way got to get rid of him,  trade AK cry ass for anything a pair of basketball shoes for the team anything,  bring in a true center with some swagger, bring Okur back as a Pf ,but tell him he needs to take a pay cut, make Milsap your small forward and tell him to put the hurt on some people. I believe Brewer will continue to get better. And tell Deron to keep doing what he does and we will get some help. 

If not my fair Spazz fans be very prepared to see Deron pack his bags and bounce. Because he is probably the best baller the Jazz have ever had, and he wants a ring.  Time for this organization to pay to get players or suffer a life time of never getting its fans a damn trophy.  


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