Is it that time of the year all ready? Summer here we come. IMO it's time for the Jazz to blow this thing up and start over?

PG, of course keep Deron, he is really the only player who can play on this whole damn team. Then get ride of Knight, Price is a much better player hands down. Runs the O better, is more exciting and not a huge drop off in the form of D between Price and Knight.

SG, I love Brewer but no one respects his outside shooting, example Kobe saging 7 to 8 feet away every time the Jazz set up there half court O. Dear Ronnie B either put in some time on shooting the damn ball or its time to leave. He is a good defender but not Bruce Bowen or Artest. He must bring one of the two up or he is no longer valid on this team.

The rest of the 2G, Morris Almond had potentail however could never crack the line up.      Kover is just a one trick pony and if his shot is not falling (which is a lot)  he is no good to the Jazz, dump him and his 5 mil a year.

SF- CJ Miles should never have been resigned, worthless, not a starter and really not a bench player. I under stand he is still pretty young and a little raw but come on! He has the same problem as Brewer no one respects his out side game because he has none! Good bye CJ (i wish). Now AK what a cry ass, if he could get it in his head that he is not a scorer and would play D that would be great, however he thinks he could be MJ out there on O.  He is not mentaly right, and needs to go, however I dont know of many teams willing to take on his huge contract.  That leads me to Matt Harpring, poor poor Matt, getting old and really has no spot on the team other then to serve as a mentor to some of the older player and bring a little attitude to the team. However after watching this year even his attitude/edge has slipped and he is no where near the player the Jazz need. So Sorry they all need to be gone.

PF- what can I say, DUMP BOOZER, the man can not say healthy and can't play any D at all. He looks like a bull fighter out there playing oly.  For the money I feel the Jazz can and need to do much better. Paul, work a little bit harder this off season and you will be the starter. love the hustle and desire to play. Wish you could have taught Booz that. So Paul we will keep.

C- Keep Memo, I think he does a pretty good job on D and his shoting streachs the floor and opens everything up of Deron and Paul. As for Colins, Fensenko and Koufus, GOOD bye. Sorry none of you are worth the league min. Either of the three are any good with or w/o the ball on O, D is suspect. Sorry O'Conner you missed on the last two guys. And Collins sign him to a 10 day contract every time we play the suns and we would be covered with him playing Shaq the only reason he is on this team. 

So in closing the Jazz keep 4 maybe 5 out of 15 players tops from this years roster. Sad, sad, sad.  

Disagree let me know!




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