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Let me be the first to say thank god we didn't go after Marc Sanchez.  I felt that we didn't need to waiste picks on areas of concern that we needed to address in the draft.


After reading and watching the news stories from Redskins Park on why we didn't go after an OL, I feel (and hope) that they made the right choice.  If you feel that there were no OL available at the quality of the pick, then you go after the guy you want.  Which brings me to the pics:

Rd 1 - Pick 13 - Brian Orakpo - DE/LB - Texas:  This was the pick I hope they went for and he fell into our laps.  I feel that our defensive line is finally solid.  Not only do we have a good group of quality players, but depth.  Orakpo, who the skins stated may even play a little LB, is a great addition to what we have.  The down on him is that he doesn't play every down.  Well, see.

 Rd 3 - Pick 16 (80) - Kevin Barnes - CB - Maryland:  At first, I was like, what the hell are you guys doing.  Why didn't you draft a OL here.  Again, the skins stated he was the top player on their board and they took him.  The skinny on Barnes is this: the 6-0, 187 lb. CB established himself as one of the Atlantic Coast Conference's hardest hitters. They stated that he has impressive speed and leaping ability that allows him to compete against taller wide receivers.  He did break his shoulder blade this past season, so we hope he is not injury prone.  He does add depth to what I consider to the best tri in the NFC east. 

Rd 5 - Pick 22 (158) - Cody Glenn - OLB - Nebraska:  Liar!  Why would you state something that just isn't true.  Not a good start.  I know that the skins are hopeing to find another Chris Horton in these next few groups, but something tells me this guy isn't it.  He was suspended his last four games by his coach for undisclosed reasons that he lied about.  However, he has can cover the pass very qiuickly and is fast on his feet.  Sounds like a work in progress.

Rd 6 - Pick 13 (186) - Robert Henson - ILB - TCU: This is another project for the coaching staff.  Despite having the nack for stopping the run, he lacks size and side to side running and has problems covering on passing downs.

Rd 7 - Pick 12 (221) - Eddie Williams - TE - Idaho: This is a good pick.  He is a player who can be added as a FB or TE in the west coast offense.  He is good at catching the ball and is a willing blocker.  We now have depth at the TE behind Cooley, Davis and Yoder.  Might replace Yoder if we only carry three.  We'll see.

Rd 7 - Pick 34 (243) - Marko Mitchell - WR - Nevada:  DO you think the skins are bringing in this kid to let the two WR from last year they better produce.  I think so.  He has good ahnd and has the height I think the skins are looking for in their WR.  I hope that you are seeing the end to our WR under 6'0".  Again, well see.

 Well, so much for drafting an OL in the draft.  I guess they believe that our line will hold up. Hmmm . . .


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