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MLB : April Studs


C- Victor Martinez - Has shaken off the injury last year to rake the first month of the season. He's hitting to all fields and looking like his old self.

    Runner Up - Brandon Inge - .319 avg with 7 hr's, not to shabby!

1st- Kevin Youkilis - Carried the Sox the first month hitting over .400

   Runner up - Carlos Pena - 9 Hr's, the only bright spot for the Rays.

2nd- Ian Kinsler - This kid is the most underrated player in the majors. He gets no pub, but yet puts up numbers all over the board.

    Runner up- Aaron Hill - Came back as well from injury to be hitting at a .376 clip, but also has shown power (5 HR)

SS- Marco Scutaro- Has been very solid for the Blue Jays, but honestly how long will it last? He lands this spot for his surprising get go.

  Runner Up-Derek Jeter - As much as i hate this guy he has performed with all the injuries and drama in NY.

3rd- Evan Longoria- The kid is amazing. The future of baseball is on his shoulders, and he's not disappointing anyone yet. A stud who will continue to hit, and hit damn well.

  Runner Up- Michael Young- Sure he switched posistion's to third to open a spot for Andrus, but he's still hitting despite people saying he was done. I look for him to have a good year no matter where he plays.

 OF- Nick Markakis

 OF- Tori Hunter

 OF- Carlos Quentin

  Runners Up : Jason Bay,Nick Swisher and Curtis Granderson



C- Bengie Molina - 4 Hr's,.329 avg : One of the rare catchers having a solid year in the NL.

  Runner Up: Ryan Doumit- Despite the injury he had a descent month of April.

1st- Albert Pujols- Seriously, who else? Outstanding numbers and already has 4 Sb's as well.

  Runner Up: Adrian Gonzalez - Yes he has more Hr's than Albert, but 7 less RBI.

2nd- Chace Utley - What more can you say about him? He does it all and just look at the numbers so far..   .342 avg,7 hr's,20 rbi and 18 runs. Enough said.

  Runner Up: Freddie Sanchez - Yes i picked him over Weeks and Hudson. Sanchez is hitting .337 with 29 hits. Table setter in that Pirate offense, which lacks the studs.

SS- Hanley Ramirez- With no other SS doing anything worth mentioning Hanley gets the pick. Not great numbers, but better than most other's.

  No Runner Up

3rd- Jorge Cantu- So far, so good. Has a .362 avg with 6 hr's. Cant ask much more from him than what he's given Florida fans.

 Runner Up: Ryan Zimmerman - Contract Extension in Washington must hurt but is doing all he can to prove he's worth the money. Solid first month, hopefully he keeps it going.

OF- Ryan Braun

OF-Alfonso Soriano

OF- Raul Ibanez

  Runner's Up: Andre Either,Manny Ramirez,Kosuke Fukudome

* LaRussa is screwing Ludwick. I dont understand how you can leave a guy with all his potential on the bench for 2 games in a row. Someone take away the bottle!!!

Top Pitchers in Order both leagues combined

1. Zack Greinke- Numbers speak for themselves. 5 wins with a .50 ERA

2. Johan Santana- Another year,another CY young coming his way...He's 3-1 with a 1.10 ERA and 44 K's in 32.2 inn's

3. Chad Billingsley- Ace of the Dodgers rotation, he's been lights out so far. 4-0 with a 2.14 ERA and a .195 batting avg against

4. Felix Hernandez- As like Billingsley he's 4-0 as well. ERA at 2.38 and a Whip of 1.09

5. Armando Galaragga- Surprise,Surprise!!! 3-0 with a 1.85 ERA.

RP- Bobby Seay - 7 Holds and a 0.00 ERA.  .125 avg against him

CL- Heath Bell - 8 saves, 0.00 ERA,and 0.69 WHIP. Say no more!


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