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This feels like a new low.

Sure we're only 10-13 and it's merely the beginning of May, but a different Met finds a way to choke every game. This team can't win consistently because it has no heart, no guts, and no balls. This organization should be embarrassed about its product, particularly the boneheaded pitching staff featuring Oliver Perez, Mike Pelfrey, John Maine, and today Sean Green.

Green is a joke. He's been the weakest link in the bullpen throughout the season (with the exception of the rotating seventh man), and he's a chicken $hit under pressure. Today in the 10th inning he was clearly nervous, perhaps pissing in his pants, and we're talking about a regular season game here. Imagine the Mets somehow found their way into the postseason and had to use this guy? He'd probably crap his pants right there on the mound. 

Green walked in the winning run on a full count delivery to Shane Victorino, completing the staff's ninth walk of the day.

NINE walks. NINE. And this is a "major league" ballclub? I'm sorry, I have to put that in quotes because major league pitchers can throw a strike when they need to. Both Sean Green and money-stealing Oliver Perez couldn't do that this afternoon. They should be ashamed of themselves. They have no self respect and the only thing they are good for is letting their teammates and fans down. 

Perez MUST be demoted to AAA. I don't care how much he's being paid. Oliver Perez is not a major league baseball player at the moment. If he were a high school pitcher right now, he'd be lucky to get drafted in the 40th round of the amateur draft. He throws 86-88 with no control. He has no brains, and I wouldn't care if he suffered a career-ending injury at any point in the near future. 

I can't even blame Omar Minaya for the Perez signing, because the Wilpons got themselves involved with the wrong businessmen the past few years. Their business deals gone wrong are what caused us to lowball Derek Lowe on the free agent market. That's why we got the leftovers, aka Oliver "Man, I Really Really Suck" Perez.

Carlos Beltran deserves a little blame today, too. He's my favorite Met by far, but he simply can't ground into a double play in the top of the 10th with two men on and only one out. He HAS to lift the ball there. Sacrifice fly is all we needed, and Beltran is a better situational hitter than he showed there. However, he's been outstanding to this point in the season, so we can't be too hard on him. 

Everything looked great when Daniel Murphy and Ramon Castro stepped up for back-to-back homers, and then Luis Castillo provided a clutch two-out RBI, but as usual the lead (albeit small) slipped away. J.J. Putz was lights out in his two innings of work today, and I'm not going to be hard on Pedro Feliciano because he's a workhorse and he takes the ball almost every single day. Raul Ibanez caught a hanger, it was that simple. 

If I were Manuel I would have gone to Francisco Rodriguez in the bottom of the tenth. I'm aware that most closers don't like to work in tie games, but Frankie likes high pressure/high intensity situations. That's what he would have been involved in in the tenth. If Manuel's learned anything about Sean Green to this stage in the young season, it should be that he can't be trusted when it matters.

Obviously, he hadn't learned that lesson before today. 

The result?

Another excruciating loss. This is totally unbearable. 


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