Houston Sports Rundown

Way to go Rockets. You've finally made it. Welcome back to the second round for the first time in over a decade. They did it Houston. They actually did it.



By beating the Trailblazers the Rockets have finally advanced to the second round of the playoffs for the first time in twelve years. Unfortunately for them they get to face the Lakers. So basically it's: Way to go Rockets!! Now pack your stuff and get ready for the offseason. The Blazers were the perfect team for us to play in the first round because they gave us the best chance to advance. Now they will play Kobe and Co. I can't really say that this is a bad thing though.



If the Rockets learned anything in that first round matchup I hope it was this: GET YAO THE BALL!!! Early and often!! Yao Ming is the key to their offense whether they like it or not they have to feed the big man. Obviously Yao will have a much harder time against Pau Gasol and Andrew Bynum on defense than he did against Greg Oden and Joel Pryzbilla but he will just have to step his game up. Now I'm not saying that he was slacking in the series against the Blazers but there were times when he needed to touch the ball and his teammates just couldn't get to him.



Yao has a history of playing well when playing against Pau Gasol but Big Boy Bynum has been known to cause him trouble. If he can get into a groove early against Gasol and get his teammates some open looks off the double team the Rockets will stand a much better chance. But if they front him (which I could totally see Phil Jackson doing) he will definitely struggle. I don't want to see another series where Yao is automatically taken out of the game and Ron Artest has to take over. If the Rockets are going to get anything done in this series the offense has to go through him. And speaking of Ron Artest....



He has most likely already ticked Kobe off. He said that B. Roy was better than Kobe. How do you think Kobe is gonna respond to this? Is he gonna drop 35? 40? 60? Ron needs to do what he's been doin'. SHUT UP AND PLAY BASKETBALL!! Nobody cares about your opinion on who's a better ballplayer. If Artest could just shut up and hoop instead of trying to light another fire under Kobe maybe he could start hitting some of those horrible shots he's been jacking up. Here's one for ya Artest: Brandon Roy is a better player than you. Just play the game man and leave the trashtalk for AFTER you win.


With all that said, my prediction for the series is Lakers in 6. That's right I think we'll win two games. I know no one reads this and that's why you guys don't answer my questions but what's your prediction for the series?

Until next time Houston.




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