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Brock Lesnar, Bobby Lashley, and Amir Sadollah all have something in common. Obviously it???s not the WWE championship, although Amir may be more charismatic and camera friendly than either of the former pro wrestlers. The similarities aren???t in their styles, backgrounds, weight, or any physical traits. What ties the three together are the lofty expectations of a 1-0 record, legions of fans, and millions of dollars worth of marketing.

It is not a knock on the former The Ultimate Fighter winner, and it is certainly not an indictment of his potential. But with only a 1-0 record, he definitely has a lot on his shoulders and the world at his feet. Of course you would never tell that this was the case. Sadollah???s laid back and humble nature makes him as approachable as any athelete ever. It???s no surprise that Spike has hired him to be one of their faces for MMA programming, or that endorsement companies are beating down his door. Because sometimes a 1-0 record might tell you all you need about a fighter, but sometimes it tells only a minuscule part of the story.

After two major injuries postponed his last two scheduled fights, Amir Sadollah hopes to have all that behind him and is looking forward to getting back in the cage. ???So far I???m feeling solid, so I would have to say the recovery is good.??? Now that it looks like the severe staph infection and broken collarbone are behind him, Amir still says that he???s not about to back off in how he trains, ???I will not sacrifice intensity of training, I wouldn???t change anything about my previous camps other than the actual injuries.???

To some people that may sound like all talk, but training at Xtreme Couture with the likes of Forrest Griffin, Randy ???The Natural??? Couture, Tyson Griffin, and Gray Maynard, it's unlikely that he???d be allowed to tone down the intensity, whether he wanted to or not. ???Everyone pushes me hard, that???s one thing I like about the environment there, no one comes in the gym to socialize or B.S. around. When you???re there, it's time to work.???

Amir will need to be pushed as he???s slated to not only return at UFC 101, but he will be dropping down a weight class as well. Sadollah, won the middleweight TUF title, but has decided to jump feet first into the very competitive UFC welterweight division. His opponent at 101 will be grappling ace Johnny Hendricks and he is approaching the fight wisely, ???With respect and hard work. That???s my usual approach, and this one won't deserve any less.???

His celebrity has come a long way from being an afterthought and a nobody on season 7 of The Ultimate Fighter to where his now. So when asked if he missed anything about the mansion and his time on the show, Amir would respond, ???Jesse Taylor's poetry, by far, oh, and winning fights.??? It is not his only memory of his big break. ???I just assumed that I would have to show up in fight shape, and know that the next six weeks were going to be some of the hardest in my life, but it would payoff in the end.??? It has definitely paid off.

Although many of his former cast mates from the show are not currently fighting in the UFC, Amir says he keeps up with them regularly, ???Yeah I actually just talked to Gerald [Harris] a few days ago. I keep pretty regular contact with most of the guys that were on my team, we were all pretty close.???

The Brooklyn born fighter grew up in Richmond, Virginia and developed his skills there before moving on to Las Vegas. ???I was lucky enough to start at a school that taught different disciplines, and saw that they were all necessary for MMA. I guess the ones I first focused on most were Muay Thai and Sambo.??? He???s taken those skills out to Vegas where he now trains, ???I consider this [Las Vegas] where I live, but Richmond is still home to me.???

With all the hype and expectations, hopefully Amir can follow in the footsteps of Lesnar and Lashley and turn his 1-0 record into a few more wins, adding credibility the incredible expectations that are leading the way for him.

Amir Sadollah would like to thank: ???TapouT, Sprawl, Suckerpunch Entertainment, and the inventor of the thong.???


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