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Ok, now that we have that down, I am going to start a series of blogs that recap over some different divisions in baseball, starting with the AL East.  If you don't get it, you will after reading it.




This obviously wasn't what people were expecting coming into the season.  It was supposed to be a 3-team race between the Tampa Bay Rays, New York Yankes and Boston Red Sox with the Toronto Blue Jays and Baltimore Orioles just playing out the season.  It's been a good race so far between the Red Sox and the Jays if you are fans of them, if you aren't, the AL East is not a very exciting division so far.  Let's look at the standings.

Teams           W     L     Winning%    Games back

Toronto         21    12       .636             N/A

Boston          19    12       .613               1

Tampa Bay     15    17       .469             5.5

New York       14     16      .467             5.5

Baltimore        13    18      .419              7


Not great, right?  Thanks to Tampa Bay's below average pitching, New York's off-season moves looking terrible and Baltimore doing bad like they always do, it looks like Toronto and Boston have a head start so far this season.  Theres still time though for the Rays and the Yankees but for now it doesn't look good.  Now to the next section, who's hot, who's not.

Who's Hot: Team - Tampa Bay Rays - It wasn't what the Rays were expecting coming into the season but over their last eight games, they have averaged over six runs scored but also a team ERA just under six.  This is a team that was known for their pitching and defense last year but they've found a way to win anyway, going 5-2 in their last seven and 7-3 in their last ten.

Who's Hot: Player - Evan Longoria - A huge part of the Rays success just this past week or so has rested heavily on Longoria.  Over the last 12 games, Longoria has driven in a whopping 26 runs, six home runs, scored 13 runs and has maintained an average just around .365-.370.  Did I mention he is fourth in fielding percentage out of AL third basemen this season?  He has been on fire.

Who's Not: Team - Baltimore Orioles - They are pretty much always bad so it shouldn't be much of a shock that they are 4-6 in their last ten, last place in their division and have the second worst pitching staff in the American League.  Nick Markakis is a bright spot but other than that, both the present and the future look dim for the O's.

Who's Not: Player - Jon Lester - He might not be hurting his team that much but he better find his ace form from last year or he could be in trouble.  His ERA is well over 6, up from last year's 3.21.  He is also among the AL leaders in losses.  In his last 17.1 innings, he's let up 16 earned runs.

Other News

Adam Kennedy gets traded to the Rays

Joey Gathright gets traded to the Orioles

Alex Rodriguez gets called up to the Yankees

More Stuff

Who to watch out for - Boston Red Sox.  They already are in second place in their division but once their pitching staff gets on track, they will try to run away with the division title fast.  Theor offense is already fantastic, like last year.

Who will fall - Toronto Blue Jays.  Their record in the past two weeks indicates that they may be nothing more than a slightly above average team.  Their offense will keep them in games but their pitching is just average or worse than that.  They have never been a major division contender in the past, why should they be this year?  They have had better teams in the past.

Who better get it together - New York Yankees.  Who really knows what will happen with the Yankees at this point in the season.  They are having a hard time selling seats, A-Rod's dealing with a ton of stuff right now, Mark Teixeira and C.C. Sabathia look like below average players so far.  If they don't start winning, the Steinbrenner's will be ready to start moving pieces.


This is my first blog and I don't know how I did, feedback and tips are great!


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