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Back by popular demand.

Well actually..we know this one guy and he's kinda popular..and he demanded it.

Welcome to the 31st installment of Love it ? or Hate it ? usual we take a subject and tell you whether we love it or hate it.

We want you to feel free to throw in your 2-cents.

Humor us..tell us which subjects you love and which ones you hate.

The panel this week consists of Harry Callahan, i B4 e, Curly Lambeau and KPKahder.


The first subject is...Jay Cutler to the Bears ?

  Harry: Love it.

Love it for the Bears perspective..what a steal.."Yeah we will trade you Orton who had 18 TD's last year and threw for 2900 yds...for Cutler who in the past two seasons has thrown 45 TD's and passed for 8000 yds."

This probably isn't going to make the Bears an immediate contender for a superbowl..but it's a good start.

I don't think he was a whiney jerk in this saga..he racted like any of us would if our boss came up to us one day and said "Ah..hey man..we tried to replace you with someone we thought could do a better job than you..that sort of fell through..but anyway keep doing what you have been doing..oh by the way..i need that stapler..and can you move your cubicle all the way to the back..uh huh..yeah"


  IB: Hate it.

I should love it because the Bears will expose Cutler for the fraud that he really is. BUt I hate it because of the way it went down. Cutler is a whiny, pizzy, spoiled little beotch. He had a far better offense in Denver than he will ever have in Chitown and he threw a little hissy beotch fit. I can't wait to see him fail miserably in Chicago.


  Curly: Love it.

Having him on the Bears makes the rivalry with the Pack all the more exciting. Plus, I think he's a guy who'll be good for his share of interceptions and key mistakes over the long haul. Maybe I'm wrong about that, I don't know. But it'll be fun to find out.

Although, call me crazy, but I always liked Kyle Orton. He seemed like the nerdy kid with the weak arm who can't grow a proper beard but his team-mates always seemed to like him and his team always won. Now, I'm not, like, "glad he's out of the division" or anything, but I think the Broncos got themselves a nice little QB there, and I'll have fun seeing how he does once he's out of Chicago, where (little known fact here) they passed a law a long time ago which states that nobody is allowed to play effectively at either the QB or WR positions. Oh yeah, it's all true. You can look it up.


  Kp: Love it.

I just wish he had been traded to an even more inferior team, like say, the 49ers or the Raiders. This is a business Jay. Build a bridge and get over it. Noone is indispensible. No job is safe. You had a really good offense in Denver. A few key moves on defense in the offseason and Denver was right at the top of the pack and back in the playoffs but no, you had to act like a 3 year old who's cable went out during Teletubbies. Well Denver will be there with Orton but the Bears won't be with you. You seriously irked me during that whole fiasco and I hope you fail MISERABLY.


The second subject is Matt Cassell to the Chiefs ?

  IB: Love it.

For no other reason than because when it shows that Brady is not really 100% and they need a back up, they won't have one. Then the Patties can languish in, gasp, mediocrity.


  Curly: Hate it.

I don't think Cassell's all that great, honestly. He was a product of that super-duper spread offense where he had Swann and Rice and Belitnikov to throw to. Having success there is literally like falling off a log, figuratively speaking.


 Kp: Love it.

First, it shows that Brady is 100% or they never would have gotten rid of him. Second, we're about to find out once again, that its not the PLAYER, its the SYSTEM. And who better to play against twice than your former offensive coordinator. Oh yeah, I can't wait to see how all this plays out in the AFC West. Chargers, Chiefs and Broncos. (Lets just pretend the Raiders don't exist). I hope that he does well but like all the other coaches and players that have left the "system" , odds are not in his favor.


 Harry: Hate it.

Yeah.. they are rebuilding with Super-Pioli.. but man does this team have a lot of holes to plug. It's going to be a long season for Matty boy..they should duct tape a couch pillow to his ass and one to his back every sunday to absorb the blows of him being slammed on them every other play.


The third subject is Albert Haynesworth to the Skins ?

Jim Zorn Picture

Curly: Love it.

Haynesworth to Redskins: Big price tag for a big man. My question: how is it possible that sportswriters have NOT taken to referring to him as "Fat Albert"? I mean, his name is Albert, and he doesn't shorten it to "Al". No, he calls himself Albert, as if to say "please call me Fat Albert." Because he's obviously very fat. It's all sitting right there in front of us. Have sportswriters just not thought of this? I can't believe that. So, why don't they use it? ...hmm. Maybe it's because he's frickin' huge, can bench the Taj Mahal, and once stomped on a guy's face with his cleats. You're telling me this isn't the kind of guy you want on your football team. Yeah, I gotta' go "love it."

That being said, he doesn't seem to be as mean when his contract has a bunch of years on it. So, I'm kinda' glad that he signed with the Redskins and not my team. But I'm still not going to call him Fat Albert. Just in case.


 Harry: Hate it.

Little Danny Snyder overpaying again..guess he will never really understand the value of money..these rich guy's..i tell ya'

This deal with Haynesworth is worth $100 million over seven years with $41 million of the contract guaranteed..they could have got a boatload of good players for that amount of money.

This is another team with a lot of holes that i can't see being fixed anytime soon..don't plug one hole..plug 10 of them for the same price.


 Kp: Hate it.

I think they WAYYYY overpaid and its not going to help them get to the top in that division. The NFC East is probably the toughest division in the NFL. Snyder keeps going for the big money, big name player and just hasn't learned that one person isn't going to get the job done. That money could have been spent in much better ways. Skins end up at the bottom of the division this year.


 IB: Love it.

Signing Haynesworth just continues to show what a dickasspimp Snyder is. He will never get it. He is clueless about everything. Snyder is so stupid he probably had to Wiki Hanyesworth to find out who he signed. Plus I get to see him and Gurode scrap it out twice a year. Well, for one year anyway because Snyder will probably release him after this season.


The fourth subject is the Brett Favre saga ?

 Kp: Hate it.

Oh God, enough already ! I'm so done with this whole thing. Go back to your farm, drive your tractor and bang your wife. Or is that bang the tractor and drive the wife? Whatever. Enough already. I'm so tired of seeing and hearing about you. Not to mention, if you "unretire" so will Madden and please, God NO ! I just can't believe the hype you generate. Know when to fold'em Brett. Stay right where you are. Minnesota doesn't need you.


 Harry: Hate it.

It amazes me how many peoples lives he affects..i mean at some point in time Chad Pennington, Aaron Rodgers, and now Tavaris Jackson were all losing sleep over his retarded decision making skills..not to mention fans of the teams involved not knowing who their QB was going to be for the next season.

I think it's safe to say Pennington, Rodgers and Jackson all have had dart boards in their rec rooms at some point in time..with HIS picture on them.


 IB: Hate it.

But not for the reasons one would assume. I mean sure he is an ego driven drama llama, and he whines more than Cutler. But I'm sick of reading about him in every sports column I read. Peter King is naseating enough with his man love for Favre, but I can't go a single day without seeing his name somewhere in the sports pages. Memo to Favre, your 15 minutes were up 5 years ago.


Curly: Neither.

The Favre saga: Bus Cook should be stoned at the city gates. That is the one aspect of this story on which I'd like to think that all Packer fans can agree. Past that, a guy's gotta' be careful what he says when speaking to Wisconsinites. Seriously, the feelings run very deep. So, sorry, but I can't really give a love it or hate it on this one. It just is what it is, it's not going away, and I just try to ignore it. ...and I do so by reading every article or blog written about it and I get angry over every single stupid one of them.

It's like we're DeNiro in Midnight Run and Favre is playing the part of John "the Duke" Mardukas instead of Charles Grodin. "Yes, okay, I lied to you first, but, at the RIVER, you had no KNOWLEDGE that I had lied about my fear of flying, so, as far as you KNEW, you lied to ME first." Remember that face that DeNiro gets there? That's what Packer fans are like. "Yeah, I got a ulcer, I got a big f---g ulcer, and all your b--l s--t's making it act up." Right now, we're at the point in the movie where Marvin hit DeNiro with the car door, stole the Duke, and ineptly tried to negotiate with the mob, with the part of Marvin being played by the Minnesota Vikings. Now, at the end of that movie, DeNiro comes to respect the Duke and lets him go. This saga will hopefully end the same way. We'll come to respect him and let him go. ...some day. the distant future. Love the Favre saga or hate it, it's not going away any time soon. Deal with it."...and try to get some milk for your ulcer if you can."


The fifth subject is Terrell Owens to the Bills ?

 Harry: Love it.

Hey i'm a Pat's fan..these are the things i look forward to..he is now with a division opponent..let the problems begin for them..HA HA HA HA.

Plus with Trent Edwards throwing him the ball instead of Romo..he is going to be doing a lot of diving for underthrown balls and jumping for overthrown balls..that sounds like a lot of work..remember..T.O. doesn't like a lot of work.


 IB: Love it.

He's finally someone else's headache. Sure he has talent. but his mouth is bigger than his talent ability. He has no one who can get the ball to him 748 times a game like he wants. So, get ready for another long season Bills fans. But at least this losing season will be entertaining.


Curly: Love it.

We get to see TO slowly drive yet another fan base insane. What's not to love?


 Kp: Love it.

Can't wait to see him play in those sub zero temps with the wind and lake effect snow. Buffalo gets like 6 feet of snow PER STORM ! Oh yeah, this is gonna be good. I love that he's in our division and I can't wait for the hype that will most definitely precede our divisional games. Think he'll break out the "Other 81" slogan again? Oh yeah, bring it on.


And the sixth and final subject..Eric Mangini to the Browns.

 IB: Love it.

Not because he thinks he's a good coach, but because he will ensure the suckage of the Browns to continue for a few more years.


 Curly: Hate it.

Doesn't he look like he's doing a "sieg heil" in that picture? He's not, of course. He's not aNazi. He's a nihilist. And, I mean, say what you want about the tenets of national socialism, at least it's an ethos.


 Kp: Love it.

Mangenious to the Browns ?
Ok, apparently they didn't learn with Romeo. Its not the coach, its the SYSTEM. Now, before I go on, I hate Mangini. Alot. That being said, I think he got a raw deal in NY. He had a winning season and was fired. Im thinking the head honchos in the Jets system said "Dude, we gave you BRETT FAVRE! BRETT FREAKING FAVRE ! You should have won that division but no, you let the Dolphins take it ! The DOLPHINS ! the 1-15 the year before sadassed Dolphins! Dude, you are so fired".
I think Mangini should have kept his job in NY (mostly so I could watch the Pats kick their butts twice a year).
Now, him going to Cleveland? Yeah, well good luck Mangini. At least I won't have to watch that stupid cell phone commercial anymore. You think Jets fans and media were bad, wait till you get to Cleveland. They're merciless.


 Harry: Hate it.

For fans of the Browns i hate it..lets see..why don't we hire one of the worst coaches in the N.F.L. and bring him to one of the worst teams in the N.F.L...yeah that will work.

In the above picture he is saying.."You think you hate me now..give me two years..then you'll really hate me"

I notice he gets fatter every year..hey we all need our nervous vices..but he's like a subway footlong away from throwing in the towel and getting lapband surgery like Charlie Weiss.



 Well that's it folks..we hope you liked it..if always..we could give a crap.





                                    This has been an Asylum-3 production.

                                                       Est. 5/ 5/ 09



             All panel members were at least 18 years old at the time of production.

                 Any panel member resembling a real person is merely coincidental.




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