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Ok, now that we have that down, I am going to start a series of blogs that recap over some different divisions in baseball, with the AL Central.  If you don't get it, you will after reading it.




The American League Central has been the most exciting division in baseball so far this year and it will continue to be.  The reason is . . . well, just look at the standings yourself.  Nobody has taken control of the division yet and I think by the end of the season, everyone of the teams will have led the division at least a few times.  Who would have predicted this division would be so close before last year?  You had the World Series favorites in the Tigers, perenial playoff candidates in the Indians, the always solid team in the Twins.  Then you had the Royals and the White Sox who were expecting to be bottom-feeders.  That didn't happen last year and it's certainly not going to this year!

 Teams           W     L     Winning%    Games back

Detroit         17    16       .515             N/A

KC                18    17       .514             N/A

Minnesota     18    17       .514             N/A

Chicago         15     18     .455              2

Cleveland       14    22      .389              4.5

Exciting, right?  All of these teams are streaky - Detroit has lost three in a row, Kansas City has lost six in a row, Minnesota has won three in a row . . . plus all of thesse teams have a different style of playing.  Detroit is middle of the pack in everything, KC relies on it's ace Zach Greinke, Minnesota relies on it's pitching, Chicago goes as far as their power takes them and Cleveland . . . they suck in everything right now (Different though).

Who's Hot: Team - No One - All of these teams have respectable record for the most part but it seems in the last week or so, all of their records have been just average or worse.  Just one team has a record over .500 in their past ten games so I guess I have to say the Minnesota Twins.  After never finding his way to the majors for a while, Denard Span is playing like an All-Star out on the field and if he continues to play that way then Minnesota will ride him and the M&M Boys (Joe Mauer, Justin Morneau) to the playoffs.

Who's Hot: Player - Joe Mauer - It's a shame that A-Rod gets all the media because he hit a homerun in his first at-bat from injury (and he did it on steroids).  Joe Mauer homered in his first SWING coming back from injury.  Not known as a power hitter, he has hit four round-trippers since the beginning of May, tied for second in the league.  He's also hitting .455 with 14 RBI's for good measure during that same time span.

Who's Not: Team - KC Royals - This is embarrasing after their surprising start.  The Royals have lost their last six games.  It all started when Zach Greinke pitched a one run, eigth inning quality start on May 9th.  In the ninth inning, they brought in various relief pitchers and gave up five runs.  They lost, 6-1, and they should of scored more runs as well.  The losing streak started there and who knows if the Royals will start winning again.

Who's Not: Player - Brandon Inge - He has never been a great hitter but when you have nine homeruns at this point of the season, you get expectations.  He has failed most of them.  He let his average drop .047 points in an eight game stretch until bringing it back up the last two days.  He has also only hit two home runs with four runs batted in the past week.  Turns out he might of been just a fluke.  Oh, and for a player known for defense, his glove must have some holes in it.

Other News

Joe Mauer gets off the DL.

Dontrelle Willis gets called up to the Tigers.

More Stuff

Who to watch out for - Detroit Tigers.  After getting swept by the Twins, they still showed signs that they are a really good team.  All of the scores were close and Detroit has been in every game they have played this season.  Their starting pitching is amazing but they have a suspect bullpen.

Who will fall - KC Royals.  They already are falling right now but there is no way you can make the playoffs with one great pitcher and your best hitter being Jose Guillen.  You can contend like that, which the Royals have so far.  They just don't have the depth of other teams in the division, end of story.

Who better get it together - Cleveland Indians.  They are still just two years removed from the American League Championship Series against the Red Sox but the past two seasons have been hard.  They sucked at the beginning of last season and they are sucking right now.  This could be a rebuilding team this off-season unless the Tribe strings together some wins.  Quickly.


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