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Kyle BuschThis Saturday NASCAR gives their fans one of the more entertaining races of the season, as drivers get ready for the 2009 All-Star Race at Lowe's Motor Speedway. The race has a pretty unique setup, as the race is limited to winners from the previous season and the current season, plus they have a race for drivers who haven't won to qualify the race that allows the top two finishers to enter the field. The race is also different in the fact that the there is a 50-lap segment with a mandatory 4 tire green flag pit stop on lap 25, two 20-lap segments, a 10 minute break, and a 10-lap shootout to find out who the winner is. Another reason to watch this race is there are no points given to the winner, so there will likely be a lot more wrecks than normal because drivers are going to be more willing to do moves they normally wouldn't. With the race just a couple a days away here is a look at the 3 drivers I feel have the best shot at taking home the checkered flag. 

Kyle Busch +600 to win at Though Busch has never won at Lowe's Motor Speedway, this guy is a threat to win no matter what track or where its at. Busch is known for his drive to win no matter what, and many of the moves the other drivers will be making are moves this guy makes every week to try and win. After winning two weeks ago, Busch struggled last week and wound up finishing 34th at the Southern 500. This guy knows how to win races, and win thats all that matters he is the best driver out there. I expect Busch to be right in the thick of things and near the lead for most of this race. If you are looking for a great bet to win this is your guy. 

Mark Martin +1000 to win at Martin has raced well at this race track, including two wins at this event, and the way this guy is racing to start the 2009 season he could be going for number 3. Including the two wins Martin has 12 top 5 finishes at this track. Martin comes in red hot with his win last week at the Southern 500, and second win in the last 4 starts. Martin is currently the points leader, and this old man is racing like a kid again. The only concern is Martin hasn't finished in the top 5 at this track since 2006, but that doesn't mean anything win the race gets underway this weekend. I look for Martin to be right there, and if Busch ends up wrecking his way out of it, Martin is my pick to enter the winners circle. 

Kasey Kahne +1500 to win at Kahne is the defending champion of this event, and even though he has had a rough start to the 2009 season, I think he will come into this race with a good chance of winning. Kahne has won on this race track a total of 3 times in his career, and was really good last year with a win at this race, and then a 2nd place finish at this track later in the season. Kahne has great value this weekend, and if you are looking for a driver with good odds for your money, then I encourage you to put your money on this guy.


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