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MMA Fantasy Heavyweight Tournament

To do this MMA Fantasy Heavyweight Tournament, we are looking at a roster of 8 fighters in their prime: Mark Coleman, Minotauro Nogueira, Ken Shamrock, Tim Sylvia, Andrei Arlovski, Don Frye, Dan Severn and Mark Kerr.

Some fighters were not considered for this tournament for very different reasons. Examples: Randy Couture could be considered more of a Light Heavyweight (it is questionable, I know that), it is too early to evaluate Brock Lesnar, Fedor was just too dominant, etc.



As stated, these fighters??? prime years are going to be considered. Also, to compare the fighters the criteria that are going to be used consist of: Striking, Grappling, Stamina and Intangibles (let us call this last one the ???X-Factor???).

Let us officially kick off the tournament, with Round 1:

Mark ???The Smashing Machine??? Kerr vs Don ???The Predator??? Frye

Mark Kerr???s prime comes between his debut at WVC 3 and Pride 4 or Pride 6. From that point onward it was all downhill; for an in-depth look at what happened in Kerr???s life watch the documentary ???The Smashing Machine??? and prepare to be shocked.

Don Frye???s prime comes between UFC 8 and Pride 21. He stopped fighting for 4 years, between 1997 and 2001, but eventually came back strong. Won the UFC 8 and the Ultimate Ultimate 96 tournaments; he is also tied for the fastest knockout in UFC history, at 8 seconds.

Striking: it was always Kerr???s weakest point, non-existent; at a time when MMA wasn???t yet mature enough, you could be a one-dimensional fighter and still get away with your wins. Don Frye was a much better striker and also more experienced at it.

Advantage: Don Frye

Grappling: Frye has some highly underrated grappling abilities; he holds some submission victories and not too many people know that he is actually a legitimate Judo black belt. On the other hand, for Kerr the grappling world was his bread and butter; he won the ADCC tournament, in the absolute division in 2000 (note: he did not submit any of his opponents), and was also an NCAA Division I champion in 1992. His grappling wasn???t a work of finesse, but rather a display of raw power; his neck cranks were devastating and he did just enough ground ???n pound to secure victories.

Advantage: Mark Kerr

Stamina: This is a tougher one to decide. They have both been seen to gas out later in their careers but, in their primes, Kerr???s cardio rarely let him down. I would give a slight advantage to Kerr here (even if we do know, nowadays, why his stamina was good).

Advantage: Mark Kerr

X-Factors: for Kerr it has to be his height, weight and strength advantage; he was a highly dominant physical specimen with which few could hang. For Frye it???s his heart; the man never gave up, always had a ???I will fight anyone, anywhere, anytime??? attitude that the fans loved.

Advantage: Mark Kerr


Jo??o: Back in the day, let us say 1998, 1999, 2000, Kerr was considered the best Heavyweight fighter in the world. He was considered untouchable due to his grappling prowess; even if his striking was substandard, his takedowns were almost impossible to stop. Kerr would circle just enough in this fight, avoid taking damage on his feet and shoot for the takedown; Frye???s takedown defense is suspect. Once they are on the ground it???s all over. Kerr would muscle his way into victory, probably by TKO.

Winner: Mark Kerr

David: Imagine Matt Hughes at his prime- slap on another 50-60 pounds of Mass- and tick him off. That???s Mark Kerr to me at his prime. Frye???s ONLY chance would be to use his striking and unfortunately, Frye at this point does not have leg kicks in his arsenal. Frye HAS to get close to do damage and that leaves him open for the takedown.

Winner: Mark Kerr

Robert: Kerr's takedowns will be the key in this fight. Frye will try to keep his distance using his superior striking, and may succeed for a while, but eventually Kerr would take this fight to the ground and TKO Frye. Kerr is too big and too strong for Frye, no matter how much heart Frye has, it won't be enough.

Winner: Mark Kerr


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