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2009 NBA Free Agents:

F Marvin Williams (RFA), PG Mike Bibby, C Zaza Pachulia, G Flip Murray, PF Solomon Jones, SG Mario West, F Othello Hunter, G Thomas Gardner

Draft Picks: #19, #49

Team Needs:

(Young) Starting Point Guard - The Hawks have done a good job building a solid NBA franchise around player such as Joe Johnson and Al Horford, but they have a big decision to make this offseasonw with Mike Bibby. Like players such as Andre Miller, Allen Iverson, and Jason Kidd, there are a lot of veteran point guards that are free agents. Bibby has been a great leader for this team as the veteran who keeps everything together, but with his ability and skill declining, they need to look for another person young point guard to step in and run the team. Considering the Hawks are under the cap with Marvin Williams and Bibby coming off the books, look for them to capture a starting point guard like Kirk Hinrich or Raymond Felton, or draft a point guard in the draft in the first round. In the end, I believe they go out and steal Raymond Felton from Charlotte. It is almost a lock that they also resign Marvin Williams.

Frontcourt Size - Atlanta has been one of the worst rebounding teams in the league for a reason. Their starting center, Al Horford, is only 6'10", while Josh Smith is a 6'9" power forward. I believe they need to slide Al Horford to the power forward position and look to find a legitamite center. It has been said that players like Samuel Dalember and Tyson Chandler are on the trade block, but with the Clippers have two starting centers, I think they need to run up and grap one of them for Josh Smith. A trade of Josh Smith for Chris Kaman and a 1st Round Pick in 2010 sounds reasonable.

Bench Scoring and Depth - Their bench is decent, but there is no real 6th man on this team. Flip Murray was their scorer off the bench and Pachulia brought the energy, but a backup PG and backup forward are lacking. Murray, Pachulia, Jones, and West are all backups and free agents, and oddly enough, all of them resign for an attempt to go far in the playoffs. The Hawks then sign free agent Stephen Graham from Indiana. They buyout the awful contract of Speedy Claxton, and draft Eric Maynor and Robert Dozier. Eric Maynor can be their go-to guy from the bench. Acie Law and Ranolph Morris round out the bench.

2009-2010 Project Depth-Chart:

PG - Raymond Felton, Eric Maynor, Acie Law

SG - Joe Johnson, Flip Murray, Mario West

SF - Marvin Williams, Maurice Evans, Stephen Graham

PF - Al Horford, Solomon Jones, Robert Dozier

C - Chris Kaman, Zaza Pachulia, Randolph Morris


With this lineup, they are serios contenders to come out of the Eastern Conference. They have size, speed, and shooting.


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