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Here are something's that really annoy me about Fan Nation. I thought about actually doing a Throwdown on these topics. But I hate trying to get an easy win. So I will just Blog my opinions.

 First thing's first- Brett Favre Throwdowns. I think that the next person that issues a TD regarding Brett Favre, should be immediately banned from the site. Don't get me wrong. I am a fan of Favre, but enough is enough. Im to the point now where I have lost alot of respect for him. Either retire, or come back. Quit leading your fans on, make a decision and stick to it. Im so tired of going on the Throwdown site only to see. "Brett Favre needs to retire" or "Brett Favre will be a Viking"  It isnt like we cant read this anytime we open any Sports related site ANYWHERE YOU GO.

 Second- Repeat Throwdowns. Anyone else tired of seeing the same TD argued four, five, or a hundred different times? I sure am. There are comments here for a reason folks. It gives you a chance to voice your opinion without starting a brand new TD. It's one thing if you see it every couple of weeks. But its another thing for you to view the existing challenges and you see the same ones over and over and over. Then people wonder why their TD isnt getting the exposure that they want. Well it's simple they already had, and voiced their opinion on the same exact TD sometimes earlier in the day.

 Third- People not finishing TD's that they start. Forfeiting turns is so annoying to me. I think in my time here in Fan Nation I have two forfieted turns. The first one was because I was new, and forgot to enter in my final TD. The other was because my opponant had Forefieted twice, and I didnt have anything else to day. My gripe is, if you start a TD, Especially if you were the one to issued the challenge. Play it out until the end. Argue your points regardless if you are down 15-1.

 Finally- Fans ripping on other peoples TD's. Its very simple folks. If you are not interested in the topic that is being argued. There is no sense in opening it just to leave a negative comment like. "This TD is stupid" or ive seen some Wrestling TD's or Soccer TD's that some comments stated. "Wrestling is fake, or Soccer is boreing" Well if you dont like it, dont open it. Its not that big of a deal. Or if you do open it, and you dont like where it is going. Dont comment on it, Dont vote on it.

 I really enjoy Fan Nation, it keeps me going while Im at work, and im not bored beyond belief. But I think these issues are getting old. And feel that something should be done with it.


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