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There has been much talk over the last few days about Michael Vick and where he will end up playing IF he doesn't face further discipline from Roger Goodell.  For some odd reason, the Bills have recently gotten some press on the matter as a possible destination.  Don't believe the hype.  In fact, our lovely people here at Truth & Rumors suggest a play for Vick because they offered big money for T.O. and they made a play for Jason Taylor.

NEWS FLASH : Neither of those facts have anything to do with signing Vick.  You may or may not subscribe to the notion that the Bills have QB issues, but picking up Vick will not solve those problems.  He is a PR nightmare.  He hasn't thrown a football with an NFL workload for quite some time now.  How does anyone expect him to come to Buffalo and turn them into a contender immediately?  And could you really see Vick and T.O. becoming the bestest of friends?  Vick will want to run the ball fairly often.  He will want to do so even more, once he realizes his velocity and accuracy are down on his passes.  And let's be frank.  He never was that great of a passer to begin with.  Don't give me the "Alge Crumpler was his best and only option in Atlanta" excuse either.  He simply doesn't possess the skills to be a great QB.

 There are really only three options for Vick here, and they really only depend on two things: Which of the 3 teams actually makes an offer to him, and what Vick will think of his playing time.

 49ers : They really don't have a strong option at QB.  Vick might be able to bring something to the table for a team that isn't very good anywhere.  It would be a gamble, but they aren't going to be winning a championship any time soon.  Does anyone here think Smith is the QB of the future in San Fran?

 STL and Seattle :  These 2 destinations are essentially a toss up.  Seattle has an old dinosaur at the helm, who may or may not keel over soon with arthritic knees.  Having Vick as a backup would allow him to get acclimated to the game again without being rushed in.  As soon as Hasselbeck has to drive back home to pick up his Flomax, Viagra and reading glasses so he can play, Vick will be put into the game.

 Bulger over in STL isn't doing much better, having missed 340,345 games lately due to various injuries and ailments.  Well ok, to be realistic, he missed 55 games with a shoulder injury a few years ago and that was the major time lost.  But in reality, he has 35 injuries listed on his player profile including many concussions and shoulder/arm problems.  Bring Vick to STL and in a game or two you have your replacement QB to sub in for your injured starter.


If you are one of these three teams, I say take a flyer on the guy.  He did a stupid thing and went to prison.  Case closed.  If he can help out your franchise as a low cost option, why wouldn't you do it?  The teams have the leverage here.  This isn't a star holding out for top dollar, its a guy looking for a second chance.  He will have something to prove, and redemption is sometimes just as good as money for SOME players.  The question is... will Vick be one of those guys? 


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