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Welcome to the 32nd installment of Love it ? or Hate it ? usual we take a subject and tell you whether we love it or hate it.

We want you to feel free to throw in your 2-cents.

Humor us..tell us which subjects you love and which ones you hate.

The panel this week consists of Harry Callahan, i B4 e, Curly Lambeau, KPKahder and rstowe.


The first subject a sports quote you hate and one you can be anything..announcer, analyst, coach..something that stuck with you.

"You can't be a real country unless you have a beer and an airline - it helps if you have some kind of a football team, or some nuclear weapons, but at the very least you need a beer."

- Frank Zappa



Love..Bill Parcells.. "No matter how much you've won, no matter how many games, no matter how many championships, no matter how many Super Bowls, you're not winning now, so you stink."

Hate..Fat head analyst Tom Jackson after the Lawyer Malloy fiasco.."The Patriots hate their coach" i so wished there was a Pats fan handy that would have walked up behind his chair and arc peed on his head.


 i B4 e

Sports quote I love: A simple quote by one of the greatest coaches ever, " I don't believe in team motivation. I believe in getting a team prepared so it knows it will have the necessary confidence when it steps on a field and be prepared to play a good game" - Tom Landry

Quote I hate: Any announcer who said, "Brett Favre plays the game with such childlike joy".



Love: "What the hell's goin' ON out there!" - Vince Lombardi

Hate: "There's no truth to the rumors that Brett's planning a comeback." - Bus Cook

Although, to follow Kp, I liked the quote that Lou Holtz made when asked about how he felt when the student section threw oranges on the field after his team made it to the Orange Bowl. He said "Well, I'm just glad we didn't make the Gator Bowl."



The quote I love because I love the guy.. Lou Holtz
On this team, we're all united in a common goal, keeping my job
He always had the funniest lines.. I dont remember the exact quote but another favorite was A tie is like kissing your sister, which I guess is better than kissing your brother. Just cracked me up..

Hate - Anything that comes out of Roger Clemens mouth.



Quote I love: "Yet today I consider myself the luckiest man on the face of this earth." Greatest quote from the greatest sports speech in history. Lou was dying and he still considered himself lucky.

Quote I hate: anything ever uttered by Joe Morgan.


The second subject a team other than yours that you love to see long as it doesn't hurt your team in anyway of course..just a team that is a blast to watch for you. And one that you hate to see succeed and why.


 i B4 e

Team I love other than America's Team - I would say the Kansas City Chiefs. I don't know what it is, maybe the fact that they didn't sell out Arrowhead's name. The fact that they, until the last couple years, had the best home winning %.

Team I hate - First let me get this out of the way. Harry, I'm gonna hump your friggin leg. Come here! Ok, I hate everything about the Redskins. Nothing would please me more than to see them go 0-16 every year for the next 2,879 years



Team I love to see succeed: teams but mine should succeed

Team I love to see fail: Red Sox...because they're the Sox and I'm a Yankee fan.



Team I hate - How come I can only have one team? I hate a bunch of teams. Fine. The one I dislike the most is the New York Yankees. My heart goes pitter patter whenever I see in the sports pages that they lost the day before. I don't care who takes the AL east as long as its not NYY.. in Football, it would be the Chargers. I just cannot stand that whiny little puke LDT.

Team I love. Have to say Miami Dolphins but please, don't tell anyone.



Team that I love to see succeed: It's typically been the Colts. Solid guy at the helm in Dungy. Fairly small market. Hard working guy who calls his own plays at QB. Plus, they put the smack down on the Bears in the Superbowl, so you gotta' like that.

Hate: the Cowboys. Sorry, iB. It's just a fact. Ever since Skeletor - sorry, Jerry Jones took over, the team's just gone into the gutter character-wise. Staubach, Doomsday, Dorsett, Landry (and one should never say Landry without adding (in the voice of John Facenda) "the slide-rule mind of Tom Landry"), these were truly Legends of the Gridiron (cue classical music overture). Now...? They've steadily circled the toilet, falling from winning championships with cokeheads like Irvin to flunking out of the playoffs with T.O. and Pacman., let's not forget... the broadcasting careers that were spawned by the 90's Cowboys are not exactly stellar. Emmitt Smith? My goodness! He's no longer lacing up the cleats, but he sounds like he really should still be wearing a helmet. And Aikman's career consists mainly of restating whatever Joe Buck says, and every sentence begins with the words "you're absolutely right, Joe."

Joe Buck: Boy, the Raiders are really listless in terms of their energy tonight.
Troy: You're absolutely right, Joe. They really seem to lack a certain determination in executing their game-plan.

He's like the Ed McMahon of broadcasters. I always half expect him to go "OH, hoh, hoh, hoh... YESSSS, oh supreme late-night commander... ah, hah-hah-haaah."



Love..The Arizona Cardinals..maybe it is because i had Fitzy, Warner and Boldin all on my FF team last year at some point.. but man they were fun to watch..just racking up the points for me left and right..these guys put on a great air show.

Hate..The Dallas Cowboys..because i am a transplant and now live in the blanket media coverage is hard to escape and really annoys me..a good sunday for me is the Pats winning and the Cowboys losing...IB is now thinking.."When i see that son of a b.... again i'm going to turn him upside down and shake the coins out of his pockets"


The third subject is..what under the radar sports themed movie do you love to stop on..i don't mean "Caddyshack"..under the radar. And what under the radar movie do you hate..and why.



Love: Caddyshack. (what? I can't use that one? Oh...okay, well...) You'll probably shoot down Major League too then ("JUST a bit outside...tried for the corner and missed...") and The Natural ("You know, Red, my mother urged me to get out of this game. When I was kid, she pleaded with me. ...and I meant to, y'know, but she died.") and Rocky ("Yeah, yeah, it was great fight, yeah. You shoulda' been there.").

So...okay, um, how about Necessary Roughness? I didn't actually like the movie, mind you, and don't remember it very well, and what I do remember would probably be pretty dated if I tried to watch it today (watching Rob Schneider say "FUUUUmble!" was considering funny for a brief slice of history, although it's difficult to remember why. And let's not forget - let's NOT forget - that Sinbad starred in this blockbuster production), but, on the other hand, one thing you can say is that it DID have Kathy Ireland as a kicker, as I recall, and so I would probably watch the 30 seconds of screen time that she had in that movie if I were to see it on, but ONLY if the show I was really watching were on comercial AND if my back-up show was also on commercial. Then I might watch it. ...but only if the commercial for Mighty-Putty weren't on.

After all, there's usually a reason that under-the-radar sports movies were under-the-radar. i.e. for the most part, they sucked.

Hate: Is Remember the Titans under-the-radar enough for you? I can't stand the cheezy, done-to-death tolerance cliche that passes for a plot in that movie. "Strong side!" "Weak side!" Puke-in-my-mouth-a-little-bit side, says I. Don't get me wrong. I'm all for racial harmony. I'm just also in favor of movies that aren't mind-numbingly predictable.



Movie I love thats sports related and it cant be Caddyshack ? Can I use Waterboy ? I love that movie. Adam Sandler is just awesome in it. So is Kathy Bates. Love it ... if its on, Im watching !

Movie I hate thats sports related. OK, I hate it so much I don't know the name of it. I think its Blades of Glory ? The one with Will Ferrell? I hate it because I hate any movie with Will Ferrell. Won't watch it and if I accidently happen to stop on the movie while channel surfing, I immediately feel the need to heat up the eye pokers.



Sports movie I Love: Back to the diving and normally, you can't go wrong with Rodney Dangerfield.

Sports movie I hate: Tin Cup. Costner is only good in baseball movies.



Love.."Lords of Dogtown"..this was spun off of a documentary called "Dogtown and Z-Boys"about a group of skateboarders named the Z-Boys who revolutionized the sport in Venice Beach in the 70's..and follows their troubles and don't have to like skateboarding or be a skateboarder to enjoy this..simply excellent.

Hate.."Ladybugs"..the great Rodney Dangerfield nearing the end of his career. .plays a girls soccer coach who get's a boy soccer player to dress up as a girl and join the team..painful to watch him go out that way..what i saw of it anyway was frickin awful.


 i B4 e

Under the radar movie I love: Heaven Can Wait. I don't know why, it just makes me laugh and I have to stop to watch it.

Movie I hate: American Flyers. This starred Kevin Costner when he was a pup. He was a bicycle racer who was diagnosed with a brain aneurism and he convinced his brother to race with him in the Rocky Mountains. The cast wasn't bad - Costner, Rae Dawn Chong, John Amos, Robert Townsend. This movie is cheesier than Curly's head during football season.


The fourth subject is..what is it about Fannation that you love and that you hate.



What I love about FanNation. Hmmm. You guys of course. You're the reason I came back. There are several people on this site that write exceptionally well so I like to read their blogs.

What I dislike about FanNation. Im with IB on this one. The rabid dog pack mentality at times. It really is pathetic.



Fannation love: the daily chat groups like Day Walkers. No better way to waste time at work.

Fannation hate: the sheer number of idiots on this site. Those who have no clue how a TD works or is supposed to be done to the people who are just overall clueless.


 i B4 e

What do I love about FanNation - There are a lot of things I love about it, but it pretty much boils down to my friends and my favorite groups

What do I hate about FanNation - There are a lot of things I hate about it, but it pretty much boils down to people who are allegedly adults but they act like play ground bullies when there is someone on here they don't like. It's starts out with one person saying, "oh yeah well your mom wears army boots", then the next thing you know we have a Lord of The Flies thing going. Let it go people and grow up already.


 Harry seriously..they make my free time worthwhile and laugh filled on a daily basis..oh and by the way..i must say Fannation has the easiest blog posting system i have ever encountered..even an simpleton could do it..Hmmm..maybe that's why i found it so easy.

Hate..people treating newcomers like they are worthless were one once ..were you not ?



What about FanNation do I love and hate? Honestly, I don't think about it. Seriously, I don't even consider us to be on FanNation right now. We're on the Love-it-Hate-it blog. In a former life, I used to wander around this site looking for nice, interesting people. Now I just assume that everyone on this site is an escaped mental patient (present company excepted, of course).

And the fifth and final subject is..what site other than Fannation do you love for sports info and what site do you hate.




Other sports site i love: Great articles by the FANS.

Other sports site(s) I hate: ESPN, CNNSI etc. Bunch of overpaid blowhards who have no clue what being a journalist is about (reporting the NEWS) and only report on things that will get ratings.



Other sites I love: The National Football Post and ESPN Page 2. Bill Simmons may be a lecher, a Boston homer and an obvious subscriber to the idea that everything more than 45 minutes away from the coasts is "fly-over territory", but he is also quite funny. His writing is also the only way I can be exposed to what's going on in the NBA without being put to sleep. (Note: more often than not, that includes actually watching NBA games)

Hate: Any "sports" site where the author(s) can't restrain themselves from spouting their politics. Peter King, I'm looking at you. I mean, I understand that he's a political visionary who just can't keep silent because of his wisdom, and I understand that he's just SOOO inspired by everything that Franklin Roosevelt and Barack Obama ever said that he just cannot - and, indeed, for the sake of the greater good - simply MUST not contain the brilliance of his convictions any longer, but... there's a time and a place, dude, and you're not going to convince anybody on a sports site. You're just going to piss me off. So, please, know your role, do your job, and then, again, just, please, take my advice and kindly shut your cake hole on the partisan crap. (sigh! that felt good)


 i B4 e

Where do I love to get sports info: Well at the risk of sounding like a company man, I like SI. With the exception of Peter King. He's just a putz. I also love getting info from ESPN. How's that for playing both sides of the fence

I hate getting sports info from Yahoo Sports, it pretty much blows monkey chunks. I also hate getting sports info from Peter King. He's just a putz.



Where do I get my sports info? Well aside from the usual suspects,, I persuse different websites like profootball weekly, the team websites, the NFL website, the Boston Herald and if Im really bored, -- though would be the site I dislike in general. Mike Florio has such a stick up his ass about the Patriots. The guy just loves the write about the Patriots. And never anything nice. I don't know why he doesn't just go work at the Pittsburgh Gazette or whatever. I have never read an article on any team by Florio that has any sort of impartiality unless its about the Steelers. Drives me nuts. What a pinhead. Wish someone would pay me to write a blog dissing the Jets every week.



Love..E.S.P.N. and Fox Sports i visit daily..gotta have them.

Hate..Yahoo Sports..i have a hard time getting in there sometimes.. i get a bum download more often than not and it pages wrong..i know it's not my computer because it happens at work and at home.


 Well that's it folks..we hope you liked it..if always..we could give a crap.





                                    This has been an Asylum-3 production.

                                                       Est. 5/ 5/ 09



             All panel members were at least 18 years old at the time of production.

                 Any panel member resembling a real person is merely coincidental.


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