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With the veto that Jake Peavy put on a trade that would have sent him to the Chicago White Sox, I've been thinking when was the last time that there has been a major trade?  The last one I can think of was Mark Teixeira getting sent from the Atlanta Braves to the Los Angeles Angels . . . almost a year ago.  Nevertheless, here are some big names that could be traded other than Peavy:

Matt Holiday, Oakland A's - Destinations: Arizona, New York Mets, Cincinatti

When the Athletics got Matt Holiday, most people were pretty sure that he was going to get traded sometime during the 2009 season, the only questions were where and when.  Oakland basically has one or two more weeks to turn their last-place team around and they would probably be better off letting younger players fill in the spot of Holiday instead of letting a veteren who isn't going to be on the team very long anyway take up at-bats.  My first option for him is to go to Arizona - the D-Backs never realized they would miss a great hitting outfielder so much when they let Adam Dunn go, hence their 17-24 record.  The Mets (it could also be the Yankees) are always glad to take an All-Star off another team's hands.  I couldn't see Holiday going to an American League team as he has shown that he hates hitting there so Cincinatti is a possible buyer, they might need to stick a veteren in a young, struggling outfield.  Wherever he goes, the price will be steep - you're looking at about three really good prospects.

Magglio Ordonez, Detroit Tigers - Destinations: Arizona, Chicago Sox, San Francisco

The Tigers said that they weren't afraid to shop Ordonez around in the off-season and after a terrible season so far, where he's hitting .256 with two home runs, along with some personal issues, Detroit may have to say good-bye to the guy with the biggest hair since Ben Wallace.  Another reason is the Tigers have been doing great without him (he's supporting his wife at his home for a personal reason), they are on a six-game winning streak and can easily platoon players like Wilkin Ramirez, Clete Thomas and Josh Anderson (all whom have been doing well) at right field.  Again, Arizona is in the mix (read Matt Holiday) but so is a familiar team for Ordonez - Chicago, who he started his career out with.  He had his best power numbers with the White Sox but it's hard to see him getting traded to a division rival.  Also, San Francisco who needs hitting badly.  The price isn't as high for Ordonez as it was for Holiday - probably a good veteren pitcher along with a prospect or two.

Cliff Lee, Cleveland Indians - Destinations: Texas, Milwaukee, New York Yanks

So it seems that Lee is a fantastic in a year that has the numbers 2, 0, 0, and 9 in it and bad in all of the other years.  Still, teams still love him.  He is 2-5 on a flat Cleveland Indians team although he has a stellar ERA of 2.90.  If the Indians decided that they are going to suck, they surely don't need Lee to fill up their payroll.  He's a free agent in 2010 and odds are he's not going to resign with the Indians anyway.  He could go to Texas who's been on a never ending quest for pitching although it seems that Texas is also a pitcher's graveyard so Lee probably doesn't want to go there.  The young pitching staff in Milwaukee is handling things just fine but young rotations usually blow up sometime in the season and you can guess how dominant Lee will be on a National League team - CC Sabathia caliber maybe.  Last is New York who seems like they've never got enough until they got enough - which is never . . .


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