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I love sports. I don't care for math so much.

So naturally that makes the being fluent in the intricacies of a sports "salary cap" less than crucial when it comes to enjoying the game. But if you want to talk sports nowadays, a basic understanding of base salaries, soft and hard caps, contract language and other nuances of labor relations is almost mandatory.

Sure, it's a kind of sports nerd talk that can bring the chatter at the pub to an uncomfortable standstill. But it can help at those times when you don't understand just why YOUR TEAM can't get that guy. "We need him bad! Why don't they just pay him off? Can't we just give them so and so?"

I admit freely that I have absolutely zero interest in the money end of sports life. What I know about contracts, free agents and "Bird Rights" wouldn't fill the time of an elevator ride. And I'm betting that the same is true for a wicked lot of people on FanNation. Based on what I've read from the fans and what I've learned on the site a lot of fans are just as mathematically challenged as I am.

But as I always say... my goal in life is to learn everything I can about everything I can. And that includes stuff that I have no real interest in but find that knowing something about it can be useful as a social, conversational tool. But when it comes to learning I can be pretty picky about my sources. "Question Authority" and "Trust But Verify!" are two rules I live by. I like to be confident in my information.

I think I've found a great source for the subject of salary caps. I finally found an excellent site where you can find everything you'll need to know about salary caps laid out in a nice orderly fashion. A nicely defined, neatly ordered and numbered list of FAQ's with the answers presented in easy to understand layman's terms. It reads like the kind of Cliff Notes synopsis that made college possible for so many.

I'm sure a lot of members already know about this site. But I never knew about it. I figured that if there are others that don't know of it, then they should. I thought that those FN members might like it as much as I did. I think it would give them a pretty broad and better than average base of knowledge on the subject.

The site is called  "NBA Salary Cap FAQ" The URL is as folows:


I take no credit for the information on the site... and if anything they say is wrong... well it's not my fault.

But this dummy learned a whole lot of things in spite of my innate disinterest. I'll most likely forget most of it by tomorrow. Like I said...math isn't one of my strong points.  But when the subject comes up again, I'll finally have the link that will take me where I need to go to find out what I need to know.

I can't help it if I'm a dummy... but I don't have to sound stupid when I talk about something.


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