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It's all about A-Rod challenging Barry Bonds for the All-Time Homerun Crown, isn't it?  Well, I've mustered up a list of two people (and then some) who could compete for that honor as well.


Looking Great . . .

1B Albert Pujols, Age: 29 - 333 CAR HR, 14.2 CAR AB/HR, 14 HR in '09

It seems like I've never really heard Pujol's name among candidates to break Barry's record.  He was one of the youngest players to hit 250 home runs and you can bet your lunch money that he'll hit at least 35 home runs every year.  Hitting in the National League can't hurt and neither can playing at a simple position like first base that doesn't cause to much stress.

What has to happen: 36 HR per year for 12 years.

OF Manny Ramirez, Age: 36 - 533 CAR HR, 14.5 CAR AB/HR, 6 HR in '09

Yes, he tok a performance enhancing drug but that doesn't erase his extreme power numbers.  As long as he stays in the National League where he tears the stuffing out of the ball, he'll hit at least 700 home runs.  Now, if the jury or something like that gets into his investigation on whether he took steroids or not, he'll obviously decline, kind of like the Barry Bonds effect where no one is picking him up.

What has to happen: 39 HR per year for 6 years.


Better Pick it up . . .

OF Andruw Jones, Age: 32 - 375 CAR HR, 17.8 CAR AB/HR, 4 HR in '09

What could have been with this guy . . . Jones hit 29 homeruns in '07 and '08 combined.  If he would of hit, say, 45 HR both of those years (his average from '05 and '06) he would have already hit 435 homeruns - wow.  Although he seems to be doing just fine this year (17.3 AB/HR) it looks like he's lost it for good and will need an amazing 10 years to break Bonds' record.

What has to happen: 39 HR per year for 10 years.

1B Ryan Howard, Age: 29 - 187 CAR HR, 11.9 CAR AB/HR, 10 HR in '09

Looking at his age and his amount of home runs, it looks pretty unrealistic that he will catch Bonds.  As you see below though, he needs to average 49 homeruns for 12 years - which is hardly unrealistic considering that his seasonal average is 49 HR.  If Howard hadn't been blocked by Jim Thome at first when he was still in the minor leagues, Howard would have been one of the greatest homerun hitters ever.  We are talking around 800 - seriously.

What has to happen: 49 HR per year for 12 years.


Strong Start . . .

1B Miguel Cabrera, Age: 26 - 184 CAR HR, 18.8 CAR AB/HR, 9 HR in '09

What has to happen: 39 HR per year for 15 years.

1B Prince Fielder, Age: 25 - 123 CAR HR, 15.7 CAR AB/HR, 9 HR in '09

What has to happen: 40 HR per year for 16 years.

3B Evan Longoria, Age: 23 - 38 CAR HR, 16.2 CAR AB/HR, 9 HR in '09

What has to happen: 41 HR per year for 18 years.


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