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Last Year Brett Farve announced his retirement from football after his team lost in overtime to the New York Giants when he threw that interception.

Brett Farve was sad making his press announcement talking about leaving the game etc. 

Green Bay of course went straight to a new playbook and prepped their new QB. 

Just before the season was to start in September as training camps started, Brett Farve wanted to unretire and play with Green Bay.

Note prior to all this every season before for the past 4 years Brett Farve would wait until the last minute to say he was not going to retire.

So after 4 years they finally went a new direction. The new QB already working with the team and recievers like he had during the off season to prep his first start. Now Brett wanted back it seems he was indecisive about retiring and regretting it. 

Well Green Bay tried to pay him not to play not something uncommon the NFL does for great players thinking of returning. Brett said he wanted his job back. Green Bay said fine but you have to compete for it. Brett did not like that. 

So Green Bay traded him to the Jets so he would not be in their division and because it seems Farve and the Vikings illegally talked to each other. 

The Jets a strong team with a strong push. During practice before the season started with Farve and the Jets. Brett complained about his arm. The same area he says his injury is now.

When the Jets, Dolphins and Patriots battled in the AFC East to win that division in the last 4 games were tight and very important. Brett Farve choked. Brett Farve could not handle the pressure fizzled out much like he had been doing previously in Green Bay for the last 5 years except the prior year with Playoff run that ended in the loss to the Giants. 

After the Jets did not make the playoffs. Brett Farve retired saying it was this injury, a conventiant one considering he was playing it up before the season started. He actually was playing excellent until the later part of the season. Brett Farve said if he had to have surgery to play football as he was told. He was retiring and leaving. He cried again did everything he did before. 

Then the instance the Jets let him go. Farve is now talking to the Vikings about being the QB there? The team he wanted to play for and wants to run it in Green Bay's face? And he does not want to have the surgery he needs to play the game. 

It seems to me, Brett Farve cannot make a clear choice when he has to make a hard choice. That he cannot give a clear answer and stick with it. Brett Farve cannot make those kinds of choices now how is he going to play QB in the NFL now? 

I have said for years I did not think Farve could handle the pressure. He showed that to me in Green Bay's loss to Denver in the Super Bowl. Since then he has been inconsistant on the field to making the right and wrong choices on and off the field. 

Man may have some talent but he will be 40 this year. He needs to let the game go. He needs to man up and say this is my choice and I am not coming back. 

This also means the press needs to stop enabling Brett Farve on this as well. Farve seems to get off with all the press coverage sports is giving him. It seems to feed the beast of this player and Farve is enjoying his name in the limelight. Ignore him, I am sick of coverage of Farve all the time and this is feeding his ego. 

Sadly I see the Vikings taking Farve and getting an over the hill quarterback that will be no better than what they have already and the press is going to eat this all up.

No I am not a Green Bay fan or a Vikings fans. 




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