st message failed so i hope this gets through. as a bears fan who has lived all over the country and spent three years following them in iraq, i feel i can be objective. lets start at qb... cutler, i love him. have been in nashville for seven years and seen him up close. he will be great no worries. if hanie has to step in for a couple of games i think we may be okay. he isn't a high pick but he has the tools and the players around him to succeed for a short time. forte seems to be one of the best young backs in the league. he should only get better once they pull eight off the line. let's not forget salaam and t-train and raymont harris the utlra back though. i think matt will be a stud but let's just see a second season first. jones you ask?? who hasn't flopped for the lions since sanders? i think he will turn out to be one of the best back ups in the league. i still think though that wolfe needs a legit shot. we have one of the best tight end sets in the league and i think the gaines signing helps us in short yardage situations. our wr's........ well..... there is no way we get boldin, not a chance. we used all our bullets on cutler, well worth it, but the well is dry. plaxico, or plexiglass as he was called?? cheap maybe. but for how long? is he doing jail time? is he being suspended? and i've been shot in the leg... you don't just come back from that. jones?? give him a shot. he's a work in progress but i don't want to hear the charcter issues. he blew some lines and got caught. what young person with money hasn't tried drugs? he drank some beer shooting 18? well no kidding!! he has the tools and will come cheap, give him a shot. toomer?? he's lloyd and booker all over again. our o-line? top fifteen and will get nothing but better once the season moves along and they start to gel, cutler is pretty mobile in the pocket. no comes the tough part and the biggest what if's..... d-line. lets give the youngsters a chance. i think marenelli is huge and might be able to help out our problems but ole is on the way out and anderson needs to revert back to form. dusty??? can he make it past game 2?? harrison showed flashes so let him play. same with pool guy and melton. we rotate seven anyways so what can it hurt to see what we will have in the future?? brown will be solid brown and harris can be top five if marenelli is all he's cracked up to be. we could have a top ten line if everything works out. lb's you ask??? top five with this latest signing, if, and a big if, the tackles can keep ol's off brian. now to the secondary......... peanut has long been overrated...... he is a good number two at best. if nate can get hungry and stay healthy we have a good pair of db's. dj moore was a steal and can compete a year or two from now. i think our new fs has the tools and the size and that's half the battle. that leaves payne vs steltz. don't sleep on steltz. lsu, all sec, talented athelete???? wouldn't mind seeing him play. overall if everything breaks right, we could make the nfc championship game, probably no more. and there is no way we beat the pats in the super bowl, as much as i would like to see another 46-10 drubbing, it isn't happening this year. the tools however are in place for the future. and if we crap the bed this year????????? are you telling me cowher or shannahan won't be chomping at the bit to come coach this team?? either way, the future is bright for the first time in a long time. it's good talking to real fans.


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